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How to Earn More Customers with Unique High-Quality Content Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC]

Published Nov 2, 2015

Content (blogs, images, infographics, videos, social media) gives you an opportunity for your business to be discovered on Google’s search results and drive traffic to your website. Even in our fast-paced, 140-character-communication world; substantive, relevant, high-quality and unique content marketing has become more important than ever.

All Content Marketing is Not Created Equally

Creating high-quality content is so much more than just spending a few hours writing a lengthy blog post. The process also includes planning, strategizing, researching and artfully writing unique content with the customer in mind. Make the effort to connect with your audience and you’ll keep them around longer. Our in-house copywriting and marketing team takes the time to research your business, your industry, and your competition; then we write high-quality content that is optimized to give you the best possible results.

10 Reasons Why High-Quality Content Marketing is Smart For Business

Infographic: 10 reasons Why High-Quality Content Marketing is Smart for Business:

1. Content is King
Not just any content. High-quality, unique content is truly king and will increase your social shares, website visits, conversions and brand awareness. As you think about your business’ marketing and SEO strategies, keep that in the forefront of your mind. To really understand the vital role that content plays, you need to first shift your thinking away from what you want to promote, instead to what your customers are searching for on Google.

2. Go-to-Guru
Good content is one of the most effective ways to establish yourself as a professional in your industry, gain a solid reputation and stand out from the competitive crowd. In fact, 92% of businesses who post multiple times a day will gain a customer through their blog. You are now the “go-to” Industry expert. High-quality content demonstrates superior professionalism that can effectively put the focus on value of your service. This strategic approach is a direct reflection of the business’ brand.

3. Open Lines of Communication
Remember to talk WITH your audience (not AT them). A top notch blog will encourage a conversation with your reader. Hook them with consistent, creative and engaging content to keep them coming back for more. And then expand your reach by encouraging them to spread the word. Social integration is key to make it easy for your fans to share your company’s content with their friends.

4. Attention Grabbing
In our ever-growing mobile world full of listicles, infographics, vines and tweets, businesses must provide deep, valuable insight in a way that customers will want to take the time to read. This insight must be created strategically and properly optimized to make the right kind of impact. 70% of markets feel that content marketing increases their brand awareness…so go ahead and make an impact!

5. Your Customers are Human
Gone are the days of aggressive SEO tactics that solely focus on search engine results and not taking into account a real, live human audience. Instead, publish successful industry blogs that are focused on great content which visitors will actually want to read and share. And remember that humans also respond to visuals 60% more than just text.

6. …Because Google Can’t be Fooled
Search engines have gotten pretty smart and sophisticated about filtering out bad content by incorporating time spent on pages, bounce rates, sharing of pages with friends, and other measures of how real people (your customers) use your website. These unnatural link building techniques will actually be penalized by Google (and besides, no one will really want to read them). On the other hand, when you write for a real, live audience Google will reward you in rankings, plus you’ll gain fans forever! All of this makes your content quality that much more important to SEO efforts.

7. Lasting Impressions
Businesses that put quality over quantity will see a boost in brand reflection. Valuable blogs live longer; they can be used for email newsletters and social media making a lasting impact on driving customers to your website. When you use evergreen content, you’ll get to maximize exposure and conversations. Slice it and dice it on a variety of social channels and share it over several weeks for that long lasting impression that will lead to conversions.

8. Get the Biggest “Bang for your Buck”
High expectations for marketing ROI? As you should! By focusing on the quality of your marketing campaigns and not randomly posting something just to post it, businesses can increase their chances that a message will resonate with prospective customers gaining trust and a greater return from their marketing investments! Unlike paid ads, investing in content will continually grow and attract new customers long after you hit publish. In fact, 45% of businesses say that blogs have directly reduced spending on ads. Cha-Ching!

9. Win ‘em Over
Get customers to stay on your site longer and you’ll get them to interact (potentially turning into business) and build valuable relationships. Instead of playing a game of chase, lure the customer right to your site and make them brand advocates by sharing your unique point of view, philosophy, story, mission and brand position.

10. Proven Measurable Results
Boost website traffic, acquire new customers, keep current customers happy and increase your bottom line by using powerful content.

Quality Digital Content Marketing Earns Customers for Your Small Business

More customer traffic to your website means more to your bottom line, ultimately the goal of any small business. Make superior content the foundation of our marketing strategy and you’ll stand a better chance of connecting with your target audience, boosting sales and growing revenue.

Creating meaningful and powerful content is something that many companies underestimate the importance of; so hopefully now you’re convinced. CMDS, a top marketing agency in NJ, has an in-house copywriting and marketing team that takes time to research your industry, find out what your competition is doing, and write killer content optimized for the best possible search engine visibility.  Contact our team today to make your words count!

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