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Take a closer look at the elements needed for a successful social media campaign.


Key Elements of a
Social Media Campaign

With many of us spending a good portion of our days on social media channels, it’s easy to assume that social media marketing and building a rock star social media campaign would be second nature. And while it may indeed be easy for a millennial, an intern or your teenaged offspring to set up and post to a Facebook or Twitter account, would they be able to build a successful social media marketing campaign for your business?

Having worked with clients of all sizes, in many industries and with a variety of goals, we have seen it all. Here is our secret sauce, our recipe for a successful social media marketing campaign.

The following six elements are part of the atomic makeup of a successful social media campaign:

  • Element 1 of a successful social media campaign: The Plan

    First things first. Before you do anything else, you need to establish your goals for the campaign. After all, how can you successfully move forward if you’re not even sure where you want to end up? Assess your brand’s needs to figure out what you hope to achieve from the campaign—are you looking to spread brand awareness? To promote an event? To drive more traffic to your website?

    Once you have clearly defined your objectives for the campaign, you can strategize how best to leverage your social media options to help you achieve them.

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  • Element 2 of a successful social media campaign: Targeting

    Time to define your audience. The ultimate success of your campaign hinges on getting the right messaging to the right people. Carefully research to identify your target audience—and then get to know them inside and out. Learn their lifestyles, behaviors, social habits and preferences so you can make a meaningful connection.

    Once you have figured out WHO you want to reach, it’s worth taking the time to figure out HOW best to reach them. Forget about ‘If you build it, they will come.’ Learn where your audience spends its time on social media so you can bring your message to them. Are you trying to get your name in front of millennials? Maybe an Instagram-only campaign, or a campaign that focuses on mobile-delivery. Want retirees in your local area to visit your website? Maybe a geo-targeted Facebook traffic campaign is the way to go.

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  • Element 3 of a successful social media campaign: Content

    Content is king and it sits on the throne of social media marketing. You simply can’t create an effective social media marketing campaign without the right content.

    This is your chance to use what you have learned about your target audience and serve them up a killer combination of imagery, video, blogs and conversation starters that are at once entertaining, engaging, educational or useful. It’s also your chance to show the human side of your brand. No matter what industry you are in, your brand will benefit from showing your audience who you are—not just what you sell. When it comes to creating content that will keep your audience clicking, authenticity is key.

    With so many tools available to the social media marketer, coming up with creative ways to deliver content is key. If cutting through the crowded social landscape sounds like a task your team doesn’t have the time or bandwidth to tackle, it might be time to hire a team that does.

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  • Element 4 of a successful social media campaign: The Call-to-Action

    A strong call-to-action, or CTA, is one of the most important, and, often, one of the most overlooked components of any effective social media marketing campaign.

    You have identified your audience and grabbed their attention with engaging content, so now it’s time to tell them your intentions. A strategic CTA makes it clear to your audience what they should do next in as straightforward, yet compelling a way as possible. According to Kissmetrics, your audience already expects the CTA—they are psychologically programmed to know it’s coming—so serve it up in spades!

    Choose your words wisely—a solid CTA uses concise language (‘Join Now!’) to create a sense of urgency (‘Last Chance to Enjoy Early-Bird Savings!’) And remember, it’s called a call-to-action for a reason, so lead with your verb (‘Download Now’) to emphasize the action you’d like them to take, and compel them to take it.

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  • Element 5 of a successful social media campaign: Testing

    One of the major differentiators between an effective social media marketing campaign and one that falls short is a brand’s ability--and willingness--to conduct A/B (or split) testing. Social media marketing has never been a set-it-and-forget-it game, and one of the most effective tools in a marketer’s arsenal is the ability to test and tweak a campaign in real-time.

    Running two or more versions of the campaign with minor variations in each can provide valuable insight into what works best with your audience. Would they engage more with a short video versus a still photo? Is one headline more effective at grabbing their attention than another?

    It’s important to remember to test only one variable at a time. Test different creative, different messaging or a different CTA—but don’t test all three at once, or you won’t know for sure which tweak was responsible for impacting your results.

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  • Element 6 of a successful social media campaign: Tracking

    Your campaign is complete, but that’s not the end of the story. The final step in an effective social media marketing campaign is tracking your results to see how you’ve done.

    Now is the time to look at your analytics and match them up to the goals you set at the campaign’s launch. Understand the impact that your campaign has had with your audience by measuring key performance indicators (KPIs); take note of what worked, and learn from what didn’t. Every campaign provides priceless insight into what you should—and should not—do the next time around. You just need to look for it.

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A STRONG social media presence must be a part of every brand’s marketing mix.

Since we first started managing client accounts in 2007, our NJ social media agency has noticed a major shift in time spent on social. With your current customers in mind, strategically planned social media management is a must.

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If your company currently manages social media marketing in-house, the likelihood is that your social media marketer is overwhelmed by competing priorities, held back by lack of creative and unable to keep up with the demand of both management and marketing. Just looking at the amount of platforms there are out there: Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Clubhouse, Tumblr and others.

We keep up with the constantly changing digital advancements in social media marketing. And that is exactly why you need a dedicated social media agency managing social channels for your brand.

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