Meet Your Team

Your Digital Rockstars.

Let us introduce you to the team that can tell your story.

I make things... I’m the creative entrepreneur with passion for (re)making brands and inventing solutions to problems no one knows exist.



I oversee the day-to-day operations and strategic initiatives to ensure efficient and effective breakthroughs for our clients.



I create graphical concepts to visually communicate the ideas of our clients, to their clients.


Digital Art Director

I work with my team to determine website specifications and help build the functionality behind our clients' websites.


Senior Web Developer

I manage and oversee all aspects of billing transactions with CMDS to ensure accuracy and timely payment processing so your project can go live as fast as possible.


Billing Manager

I manage all of the requests from our clients and coordinate with our team to make sure we complete each request on time and keep our clients happy.


Project Manager

I love to write and design pieces to tell a client's unique story in an authentic way. My goal is to create marketing strategies that showcase a brand's identity and core values.


Creative Content Specialist

I love creating and marketing content that brings an audience together as a community and inspires authentic conversations while increasing brands' awareness.


Social Media Specialist