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CMDS is one of the leading web design and development companies nationwide. But, we don’t “just do websites.” With an in-house team of talented marketing guru’s, we’re dedicated to building creative and responsive websites with captivating copy tailored specifically to attract your ideal clients and customers.

We take the time to listen, help you uncover your unique value proposition, talk some serious strategy and deliver crazy results to attract more customers and engage targeted demographics on an emotional level.

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Embedding video on your landing pages can help increase conversions by as much as 80%

Source eyeviewdigital.com

You Dream It. We Build it.

Web design powered by performance

Whether you’re an e-commerce business that needs to take your brand to the next level or you’re an established company with an outdated site that needs a fresh responsive website, CMDS provides award-winning design solutions that make ideas come to life.

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75% of online content consumption was on mobile at the end of 2017

Source adage.com

What you get when working with CMDS


We take a keen eye to make sure your website relays your key value proposition while helping answer the questions of your site visitors.


We help create the story and engage your audience on an emotional level to earn their trust and build credibility.  


We build custom websites as well as work with content management systems such as WordPress, Magento, Joomla, Drupal (ecommerce too!).


We’ll keep your website up-to-date for desktop and mobile—not only to benefit your clients but also to boost your brand’s search engine rankings, too.


We’re not your everyday web developers- we implement research-driven design strategies into every project.


We build every website entirely from scratch to match your brand.  


We create everything in-house and collaborate directly with our clients.  


We protect, test and QA all websites, forms and links to make sure they work flawlessly.

Creative. Inspired. Fearless.

CMDS is your secret weapon to help you crush business goals, win more clients and make your existing customers say “I want more!”

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Why Do I Need a Responsive Website?

Your website reflects your brand identity. No doubt, you want it looking and functioning its best to ensure the best possible experience for your online clients.

If you use a cookie-cutter template, you could lose valuable clients (and not even know it).

If your website uses an old, unresponsive design or outdated theme, it may not display properly on newer versions of web browsers or mobile devices. We custom-build every website from scratch and ensure that all components, like links, contact forms, images, content, payment functions and pages are working efficiently for the ultimate end-user experience.

The better the experience, the more time visitors will spend on your site…and the more often they’ll want to come back and visit (and buy).

Think about it.

The last thing you want a potential customer to experience when they visit your website is a slow site that they have to pinch zoom to see on their mobile phone. Capture clients quickly with a website that builds trust and loyalty for your brand (and keeps them coming back for more)!

Each brand journey is unique which is why we put time into the smallest details to create an infrastructure that can scale with you as you grow. Through meticulously clean, effective coding, we will make your designs come to life and take on the form of a content-rich, seo-friendly responsive website with relevant content that truly inspires, informs and engages your audience on their own buying journey.

Optimized websites rank higher in search engine rankings.

Since search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most critical tools to improve your website rankings. In addition to unique, quality content with strong keywords, a mobile-friendly, attractive website design with a fast page loading time has a better chance of getting ranked high.

One of the most important reasons why quality website design and development is so important is to stay secure and prevent malicious attacks.

It won’t matter what kind of content management system you use and it won’t matter if you use multiple plug-ins or have an e-commerce store—hackers are always seeking out vulnerable, old websites to attack, simply because they are easier targets. These hacks can serve ads on your website, delete your pages, steal content and more.

And (gasp!) if a search engine suspects your site has been infected with malware, they may even remove it from search results completely.

Ongoing Website Maintenance and Regular Enhancements

So, now you have a website? Congratulations! But, that’s only the beginning. Your company’s website requires maintenance to keep it running smoothly, safely and optimized for search. Enhance your new website with a monthly CMDS maintenance plan.

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Times have changed. It’s no longer enough to just have any old website. Optimization as well as ongoing site maintenance is imperative to ensure your website is responsive for search. Invest in a High-Quality Website For Your Brand.

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