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At CMDS, we won’t just give your users the best experience on your company website, we’ll take them on a journey. Within milliseconds, each unique persona will be captivated with awesome visuals and engaged with a user-friendly interface. We firmly believe that balancing these two aspects of web design is essential to achieving a successful user experience right from the start.

CMDS is an award-winning web design company that provides fully customizable website design and development solutions that achieve your goals.

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Did you know?

Close to 50% of search traffic in the United States comes exclusively from mobile devices.

Be Responsive

Do you provide a consistent experience with your website for users, no matter what device they are using? If not, you could be missing out on leads and experience a decline in search engine rankings. Considering that Google is moving toward a mobile-first index, it’s clear that your website must be mobile responsive. To ensure that your website offers an optimal user experience tailored to different devices, responsive website design must be part of the solution.

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Is my website responsive?

You can easily test to see if your website is mobile-friendly, by using Google’s helpful tool.

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Did you get a green light?

Awesome, your website passes Google’s responsive test. Chances are you already know that responsive web design is important. Next step? Polish the user experience.

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Did you get a red light?

This is the perfect time to take the first step toward creating your online strategy, and that includes an optimized experience for users on any device. This will not only boost your rankings on Google, but also enhance the overall user experience.

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Does your website stand up to the challenge?

See if your online presence holds up to today’s standards.

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Designed for the End User

Is your website designed to be engaging, easy to navigate, and focused on the end user? The user journey determines whether or not you convert a prospective client into a profitable customer. Every aspect about your website design directly affects how your user interacts with the page. The imagery should be captivating, the navigation should be clear, the information should be easy to find, and the calls-to-action should drive them to your key goal. And that’s just the start.

In 2021, user experience will be an important Google ranking factor. In other words, Google is going to be using metrics to determine the user experience on your website.

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This will include factors such as:


Is your website mobile-friendly?

Load Time

Does it load quickly?


Does your website run on HTTPS?


Do you have intrusive ads that get in the way?


Does your content jump around as the page is loading?

You need a responsive website that puts your users first.

We can guide you through the best features to create a user-focused web design with seamless navigation and clear calls-to-action. End result? Google’s happy. Your users are happy. And your website converts.

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Keep Them Coming Back for More

Google loves a responsive website, one that is designed for an amazing user experience, and one that keeps evolving. At NJ’s leading web design company, we custom-build websites using content management systems, like WordPress, so it’s easy to keep your site up-to-date and add new content. This is not only great for users, but – you guessed it – also for search engines! Websites with fresh content will be crawled more frequently, resulting in better SEO, a higher ranking website and more ways to engage with your users.

The best part? A CMS gives you total control over making edits (if you want it) so you can expand your website and keep it up-to-date for users. And if your plate is already full, our in-house team of marketing experts will help you keep your website content fresh and up-to-date.

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We Are More than Just Your Web Design Agency

CMDS is one of the leading web design and development companies nationwide, and for good reason. We don’t “just do website designs.” We actually care about your brand’s success. Driven by innovation, our web design company is changing the way brands connect in the digital world.

With an in-house team of talented marketing gurus, we’re dedicated to building creative and responsive websites with captivating copy tailored specifically to attract your ideal clients and customers.

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In Short:

We know how to strategically set our clients up for success and deliver real results.

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Our Process

From the start, we take the time to collaborate with your team and learn about your business (and your competition), understand your goals and objectives, and brainstorm the right solution. See how we do it:

Discovery - We take the time to listen and understand what your business is all about. While doing this, we help you uncover your unique value proposition.

Strategy - We obsess over strategies that aim to meet your goals and allow you to experience growth long term. During this process, we will begin to define your site structure and key user journeys.

Collaboration - It’s important to us that your brand stays at the heart of the web design process. So, we find that collaboration between your team and our web design team is the most effective way to drive success.

Design - Our wide industry experience allows us to bring innovative solutions across the board. We’re a web design company that's constantly pushing the envelope with creative solutions and game-changing designs that are tailored to align with your brand’s vision and voice.

Development - The build process is carefully managed between our web design and development teams. You can rest assured that your website project will be developed in consideration with the latest SEO best practices, speed optimization, and adaptability.

QA Testing - We measure twice, cut once. We perform extensive QA checks and tests to ensure all aspects of your website function properly before we hit the launch button.

Launch - We don’t push anything live, until we have your complete and utter approval. Your satisfaction with the final product is our priority.

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Website Maintenance and Enhancement Program

So, now you have a website? Congratulations! But, that’s only the beginning. If you want to grow your business, you cannot stand still. The same goes for your company’s website. Maintenance is required to keep your website running smoothly, safely and optimized for search. 

At CMDS, we offer comprehensive website maintenance solutions for small businesses with small websites (3-20 pages), to large enterprises with large websites (75+ pages). Whether you’re conducting regular maintenance to make updates, fix bugs, or check security updates, our website maintenance and enhancement program keeps your site running smoothly.

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Enhance your new website with a monthly CMDS maintenance plan.

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Why Do I Need A Responsive Website?

Your website reflects your brand identity. No doubt, you want it looking and functioning its best to ensure the best possible experience for your online clients. A responsive website design is important to users and Google-approved. Choose a web design company that will reach your goals.

Enhance User Experience

If you use a cookie-cutter template, you could lose valuable clients (and not even know it). If your website uses an old, unresponsive design or outdated theme, it may not display properly on newer versions of web browsers or mobile devices. We custom-build every website from scratch and ensure that all components, like links, contact forms, images, content, payment functions and pages are working efficiently for the ultimate end-user experience.

Improve Brand Consistency

Part of developing your online brand includes maintaining consistency online. Responsive website designs are developed to be consistent across all devices. Whether on a laptop, smartphone or a smartTV, your website maintains the look and feel of your brand, which helps users resonate more with you. Prospective clients might also make the connection that a polished website is a sign you offer a similar high-level of care within your business offerings.

Boost Conversions

The better the experience, the more time visitors will spend on your site…and the more often they’ll want to come back (and buy). Think about it. The last thing you want a potential customer to experience when they visit your website is a slow site that they have to pinch zoom to see on their mobile phone. Capture clients quickly with a website that builds trust and loyalty for your brand (and keeps them coming back for more)!

Improve Search Results

SEO is one of the most critical tools to improve your website rankings. It’s no secret that optimized websites rank higher in search engine rankings. In addition to unique, quality content with strong keywords, a mobile-friendly, attractive website design with a fast page loading time has a better chance of getting ranked high.

Prevent Vulnerability

One of the most important reasons why quality website design and development is so important is to stay secure and prevent malicious attacks. It won’t matter what kind of content management system you use and it won’t matter if you use multiple plug-ins or have an e-commerce store—hackers are always seeking out vulnerable, old websites to attack, simply because they are easier targets. These hacks can serve ads on your website, delete your pages, steal content and more. And (gasp!) if a search engine suspects your site has been infected with malware, they may even remove it from search results completely.

Room for Growth

Each brand's journey is unique which is why we put time into the smallest details to create an infrastructure that can scale with you as you grow. Through meticulously clean, effective coding, we will make your designs come to life and take on the form of a content-rich, seo-friendly responsive website with relevant content that truly inspires, informs and engages your audience on their own buying journey.

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