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5 Things to Consider Before You Hit Publish

Published Sep 28, 2015

In our previous blog, we talked about how to make your blog stand out from the crowd (with authority). Remember, hitting the publish button doesn’t have to make your palms sweat. Working with a marketing agency in NJ can help relieve some of that anxiety. But if you do have the resources to give it a go on your own, discover these five simple tips and tricks to boost online results just by making your current blog content pop.

1. Set a Schedule

When you start blogging, set up a recurring publication schedule. Content should be published at least once to twice a week to maximize exposure.

2. Post Regularly

Brands do have to be consistent and persistent to ensure their blog grows. What’s more, regularly posted content will drive traffic to your website through social media micro-content reach and capture more leads through a unique call-to-actions opportunities.

3. Create a Micro-Content Strategy

It’s a waste to hit publish then walk away. You gotta share it! Get the most mileage out of your blog content by developing a micro-content strategy. Consider posting small pieces of your blog on multiple different social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook and be sure to follow best practices for each social network (hashtags, tagging, character counts, etc). Doing this will build your customer community and brand loyalty to the next level.

4. Exude Confidence

Demonstrating authority in your writing (and we’re not talking about being egocentric or making false claims) gives your readers reason to trust your brand. Exude confidence in your blog to capture the reader and turn them into a customer…because people can sniff out a nervous writer. Stand by and be proud of your product and services. Turn your website into a trusted resource filled with professional content that’s sharable.

5. Get Personal

You can only build your blog and your business when customers feel a connection to your writing. Keep a consistent tone with your brand and include a variety of topics so you’re not just reviewing your own products and selling to your audience. Add in pictures, videos, infographics, and industry related news to make it sharable.

We Build Brands

Remember to focus your efforts on what you do well (managing your business) and we’ll focus our efforts on what we do well (brand marketing) to bring more online customers to your website. Contact CMDS to get started on building your brand today!

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