6 Business Blog Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

As a critical part of any digital marketing strategy, business blogs can build some serious buzz for your brand. They have revolutionized the way brands connect with customers and are extremely important for search engine optimization. But if you use them the wrong way and end up on the wrong side of the blogosphere, you […]

How Your Blog Can Help You Become an Influencer

“How do I become an influencer?” It’s the rallying cry of marketers everywhere. How do we establish our brand as a trusted thought leader with a loyal following that will hang on our every word? What’s the secret recipe to become an influencer in your industry? We’re here to tell you that there is no […]

Signs That It’s Time for a Website Redesign

Recently, an advertising agency in Toronto launched a new website that is so insipidly stupid…that it’s brilliant. It not-so-subtly parodies what has become the standard for agency websites with a cheesy ‘mocku-site’ that calls out the agency world for all of the cringe-worthy self promotion, meaningless jargon and awkward leadership bios that have come to […]

6 Ways to Create a Killer Small Business Brand Identity [INFOGRAPHIC]

Create a Killer Small Business Brand Identity

Make a Splash! Check out our play-by-play tips below to help you crush your small business brand identity out of the park. Build relationships, not transactions and separate yourself from the pack. Remember, first impressions are everything! Invest In Your Brand A brand that is strategically defined will build trust leading to customer loyalty and […]

6 Evolving Web Design Trends for 2016

In large part due to evolving technology and increased use of mobile devices web design trends come and go. From web designs, navigation and programming to content and imagery, everything has evolved. Just for fun, take a peek at the Way Back Machine and type in the URL of a site to take a look […]

Why Both Inbound And Outbound Marketing Matter

Businesses can grow their customer base through two different basic types of marketing strategies – inbound and outbound marketing. Each one has a different focus and involve a different strategy and technique. You can think of them as Push (outbound) and Pull (inbound) efforts. They have often been compared against each other and lately inbound […]

How to Earn More Customers with Unique High-Quality Content Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC]

Content (blogs, images, infographics, videos, social media) gives you an opportunity for your business to be discovered on Google’s search results and drive traffic to your website. Even in our fast-paced, 140-character-communication world; substantive, relevant, high-quality and unique content marketing has become more important than ever. All Content Marketing is Not Created Equally Creating high-quality […]