{Building a Brand}

On Target: Build Your Personal Brand By Blogging

People prefer to do business with other people, not with (seemingly) faceless companies. Today’s consumer leans on referrals and emotion. When the time comes to make a purchasing decision, it will all boil down to which brand they trust more. And one of the best ways to establish that trust is to build your personal […]

Fire Up Your New Personal Branding Sales Funnel

In today’s highly-competitive, fast-changing environment, it’s more important than ever for personal brands to know who they are, what they can offer and communicate it distinctively. And building a solid personal branding sales funnel is one of the essential survival skills to master the competitive (and profitable) advantage. Social media, PR, blogging and other networking […]

Own Your Space with a Solid Social Media Strategy for Your Personal Brand

Social media can be a giant time-suck or a one of the smartest investments to grow your personal brand. It’s important to keep your audience up-to-date on all the things happening in your life, but getting results can sometimes be a challenge. Cut through the clutter and learn how a solid social media strategy for your […]

How to Build a Personal Brand that People Actually Trust

There’s a big difference between getting a customer to make a sale versus making a sale to get a customer. The first will provide immediate income. The second will provide steady income and build a long-term relationship (“lifers”). Many entrepreneurs only think about making transactions every day. Only the savvy few focus on how to […]

What Your Financial Services Brand Can Learn from Capital One About Connecting on Social Media

In the world of finance, trust is more important than ever. It’s the foundation of any successful business relationship, whether that’s between brand and client or brand and business. In both the B2B and B2C spaces, a financial services brand must strategically develop ways to earn the trust of potential customers and establish confidence in […]

How This Specialty Cuppa Joe Scores Big with Hyperlocal Marketing

Among many big-name chain giants like Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts, specialty coffee shops can teach us a lot when it comes to hyperlocal marketing. America is coffee-obsessed. Approximately 64% of Americans say they drink at least one cup of coffee every day – about a quarter of those say they prefer black coffee, while the […]

6 Business Blog Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

As a critical part of any digital marketing strategy, business blogs can build some serious buzz for your brand. They have revolutionized the way brands connect with customers and are extremely important for search engine optimization. But if you use them the wrong way and end up on the wrong side of the blogosphere, you […]

3 Best Ways to Define Your Brand

Brand. You hear it all the time—it’s right up there with thought-leader and synergy as one of the most overused buzzwords in the world of marketing right now. Google it and you’ll be served up somewhere in the neighborhood of 2 billion results. But your brand is so much more than a catch-phrase. And it’s […]

Mastering The Art Of Building a Brand

Is Your Brand a Ninja? Whether or not you have kids who regularly watch cartoons, it’s no secret that most animated films have an underlying message. These movies typically aim to teach children an inspirational (and entertaining) life lesson and at the same time, captivate the parents with some witty, hidden adult humor. So, you […]