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What Your Financial Services Brand Can Learn from Capital One About Connecting on Social Media

Published Dec 19, 2017

In the world of finance, trust is more important than ever. It’s the foundation of any successful business relationship, whether that’s between brand and client or brand and business. In both the B2B and B2C spaces, a financial services brand must strategically develop ways to earn the trust of potential customers and establish confidence in the minds of existing ones.

When you’re in the middle of it, sometimes, it’s hard to get inspired with new ideas. To help you out, we’ve collected some examples of how Capital One earns the trust and stands out from all the rest on social media by humanizing their brand. So, go ahead, check out their brand marketing best practices and put them to use.

Personalizing Your Financial Services Brand

Capital One has made significant efforts to make people feel comfortable in person and online by viewing banking as a non-painful experience through their Banking Reimagined Tour campaign. Showcasing a personalized digital experience, customers get to learn about financial values and set goals through an interactive wall. They feature the tour on Twitter, #BankingReimagined, which offers a non-intimidating perspective for their audience to think about finances in a compelling, innovative way.

Put it to use: Show off your brand’s personality on social media. Is is called “social” afterall. With such a fast-paced and evolving platform like Twitter, update your profile regularly and post consistently for a fresh feed. Rather than leaning on stock photography, lean more on the real stuff that people crave. Unconventional images, like behind the scenes, draw people’s attention to your brand.

Focusing on Fun

Shying away from heavy content, Capital One keeps their focus on fun imagery and videos to keep their content fresh and relevant. In addition to their #BankingReimagined tour, they have also created multiple neighborhood hubs, called @CapitalOneCafe, that feature everyday banking and coffee and encourage conversation and community meetings.

Put it to use: As social media only continues to rise in popularity and people are staying more connected and feeling more empowered than ever before, businesses like banks and insurance companies are expected to provide top-notch experiences alongside their traditional services. Take advantage of community events and collaborate with other businesses to expand your reach. This makes your content feel less intrusive and more shareable.

Appealing to Your Audience

Targeting B2B and B2C audiences, Capital One is a prime example of being able to reach both successfully. By showcasing a good mix of professional and engaging content and keeping the overall tone consistent and current, their feed draws the attention it needs from all directions.

Put it to use: It can be tricky to balance multiple demographics, especially on social platforms. Ensure your posts are professional and have a good variety of engaging content. Use newsworthy events to keep content fresh and include posts that have bold imagery, animated GIFs, and video to encourage engagement and shares.

Mixing it Up

The bank, also known for its celebrity-driven marketing, uses a good mix of traditional media marketing efforts in addition to social media campaigns.

While Sarah Michelle may not be on your VIP list, each element of your marketing efforts has the opportunity to make a big impact, generate interest and boost leads for your brand. And they work best when they’re in synch and running together. With the right combination of innovative and professional marketing, your messaging becomes less about what you do and more about how you can help your clients.

Do you need some inspiration for your financial services brand social media marketing? Let the marketing professionals at CMDS guide you in the right direction 732-706-5555.

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