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How to Write an RFP for Website Development

The good news: your company is getting a new website! The not-so-good news: you need to find a website development company. You’ve been tasked with asking for and compiling a ton of information to evaluate and compare several potential website designers. In other words, you’re in charge of writing an RFP for website development. The truth […]

Do Small Businesses Need a Blog?

Why Every Business Should be Blogging Whether you’re a real estate expert, HVAC company, local law firm or plumber, blogging is an important marketing tool that allows you to create relevant (and useful) content for your customers. It’s a chance to position your brand a leader in your field, gain trust and communicate directly with […]

Top 7 Secrets to Building Your Company’s Blog Audience [INFOGRAPHIC]

Ever wonder how to make it on page 1 of Google Search? Creating meaningful and powerful content is the write answer. Blogging used to be used as a platform to express a person’s feelings and opinions, but in today’s digital world, blogging is a powerful promotional tool that increases the chances your business will be […]

Connecting With Your Online Audience Through Remarketing

One of the most asked questions businesses ask is, “How do I attract new customers?” followed quickly by the question, “And then, how do I get them to keep coming back?” Did you know that only 2% of site visitors convert on their first visit? Remarketing can help bring the other 98% of visitors back […]

What is Inbound Marketing?

At its core, inbound marketing is an enlightened and 21st century method of acquiring business. Rather than playing a numbers game or the law of averages where huge swaths of time and resources are wasted trying to sell to people who have absolutely no interest in the product by bugging or spamming them enough, it […]

2012 Where Will Marketers Spend Their Money?

Improved ROI, Low Cost – Thanks SEO! How will you spend your marketing dollars in 2012? If you are in-line with Fortune 500 companies, then your spending will shift to social media, SEO, an increase in funding for your email marketing campaigns and the addition of mobile marketing. Does this mean abandon your print marketing […]

The world of SEO has changed forever… CMDS doesn’t have to change one bit!

Panda, also known as Farmer, is an update that Google came out with in March of 2011, which refigured millions of search results. Google’s recent SEO updates have left an indelible mark on the web space and will forever change how sites are optimized and rated.

CMDS Wins Communicator Award of Distinction for East Coast Power Systems Rebrand Initiative

CMDS (www.cmdsonline.com) of Middletown, NJ, which specializes in Internet marketing services and web design, has won a Communicator Award for its branding efforts for East Coast Power Systems.

Business Success through Internet Marketing Services

More and more companies are finding business success through the use of internet marketing services. These services can be complex and require time and expert planning to implement. Even after implementation, success must be measured through analytics and the plan's implementation adjusted as needed. This is why it is important the business hires a company […]

How Google Instant will affect your SEO Strategy – Advice from the Internet Marketing Services Company, CMDS

Google has revealed a unique, new way to improve their search results with the feature “Google Instant ” . As of September 8, 2010, once someone begins to types a search query in Google, the search results automatically appear on the site, which change as you continue to type. This allows viewers to minimally type […]