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If someone asked you the best social media platform for a business to reach other businesses, what would you say? If the first network that popped into your mind was LinkedIn, you’re not alone. Many B2B marketers consider the professional social platform an ideal place to reach decision-makers in their target industry.

And they’re not wrong.

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But where they veer off course is assuming that LinkedIn is the only social platform that offers them the opportunity to reach their target audience. Many B2B marketers are missing out on another powerful vehicle to market their brand and connect with potential clients.


Put simply, Facebook is just too big to ignore at this point. With daily active users exceeding 2 BILLION, chances are, the decision-maker you are trying to reach is using Facebook. And so is your competition.

As social media matures, smart marketers recognize that the lines between social platforms are blurred. People are multidimensional creatures wearing many different hats, and therefore engaging on different social platforms in different ways.

So, the cat video-watching, family photo-oversharing mom who spends her downtime on Facebook just might also be the CEO of that company you’ve been courting. Even as she scrolls through her feed past cute baby videos and politically-fueled rants, she remains the CEO of that company you’ve been courting. So why not serve her up your message where she spends her time on social media?

What does Facebook offer to B2B marketers?

1. Cost-effective advertising

Due to the sheer volume of active users on Facebook, the platform’s reach is seemingly limitless. With so many impressions for sale, Facebook is able to offer advertising rates that are significantly discounted to those of LinkedIn, or any other platform for that matter.

2. Precise targeting

What makes advertising on Facebook an even greater value than its low CPM is the quality of its targeting. Facebook offers marketers an unparalleled capacity to zero-in on their audience. In addition to targeting ads on the basis of age, gender and geography, Facebook advertisers can pinpoint recipients of their messaging on the basis of a host of additional criterion. Of particular interest to B2B marketers, Facebook allows you narrow down the field by education level, industry, income level and even job title and employer.

3. Variety of Custom Audiences

You don’t need to be a marketing guru to know that it’s easier to sell to current customers than to find new ones, which is why Facebook gives B2B marketers the ability to target their ads to their existing database of clients or prospects.

  • Serve Facebook up a list of email addresses or phone numbers, and Facebook will serve up your message to your qualified leads.
  • Through the use of a pixel that marketers can insert on the pages of their website, Facebook also allows brands to target messaging to users that have visited their site.
  • Once a Custom Audience has been created, Facebook can determine characteristics and patterns that users on your current list have in common to create a much broader audience of similar users most likely to be interested in your brand as well.

Build Up Your Facebook Brand With CMDS

With its ever-growing numbers of active users, its cost-effective advertising and its hyper-specific targeting capabilities, Facebook can be a powerful tool in the B2B marketers’ social media marketing arsenal. Let the social media professionals at CMDS help you leverage the opportunities to connect with your audience and market your B2B brand that Facebook has to offer.