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How This Specialty Cuppa Joe Scores Big with Hyperlocal Marketing

Published Dec 18, 2017

Among many big-name chain giants like Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts, specialty coffee shops can teach us a lot when it comes to hyperlocal marketing.

America is coffee-obsessed. Approximately 64% of Americans say they drink at least one cup of coffee every day – about a quarter of those say they prefer black coffee, while the rest of the population likes to sweeten things up with milk or sugar. Millennials, the newest generation of coffee drinkers, are driving an upward trend of consuming gourmet coffee (and they’re more likely than their parents to drink it away from home).

Why do these coffee stats even matter? What do they have to do with your hyperlocal marketing? More than you may realize…

Cultivating More than Coffee with a Kick

With such a large portion of the population who consider coffee to be a “must” in their morning routine, it’s no secret coffee is a popular beverage. But, with such intense saturation of global giants, local shops need to find a way to stand out. Hyperlocal brands in NJ, like Rook Coffee for example, can teach us a lot by going well beyond just handing over a cuppa joe.

Founded in 2010, Rook Coffee is a local NJ coffee company complete with multiple coffee bars, a roastery and distribution center, a bottled cold brew business and an online store. Through successful hyperlocal marketing, targeting customers within a certain location, Rook has grown in a competitive market among the big name giants.

What Can Hyperlocal Brands in NJ Learn from a Specialty Cuppa Joe?

Recognizing the opportunities and challenges at hand, small-town coffee shops, like Rook, seem to offer just the right blend of experience, solutions and personality.

1. Fill More Needs

As the clear primary draw for a loyal coffee shop customer, good coffee tops the list. But the best brands go beyond that. They offer the chill vibe with a comfortable space and even free WiFi. They create an environment where people can socialize, relax, work or read a book. Their solution goes beyond caffeine – they create a community.

Apply your own hyperlocal marketing strategy: Know your demographics inside out. If your business can offer more than just one relevant solution for customers, you’ll be more likely to boost opportunities for growth with that customer base.

But it’s not just about offering more than one solution in one location, it’s also about anticipating ever-changing needs.

2. Evolve with Customers

Local coffee shops that stand out from the big name brands stay true to their roots (down to the last drop), but they aren’t afraid to evolve to meet customer needs. When it comes to change, local coffee shops often do a good job of offering a daily special which allows the owner to test new seasonal products that might lead to an addition on the permanent menu. This innovation can keep customers coming back for more.

Apply your own hyperlocal marketing strategy: When you provide a solution for a customer, they’ll be more likely to give you permission to help them again and again. You’ve already established credibility and trust with them, but even more importantly, you’ve also built value.

As customer needs expand over time, top hyperlocal brands anticipate, innovate and accommodate those needs to encourage customers to stick around. This evolution of solutions show that you’re listening and understanding their wide range of needs and wants.

Not sure what they want? Be bold and ask. But ask them by their name.

3. Build a Community

Customers’ taste for coffee varies widely. Some like it black, with a little cream or even disguised as a hot, frothy milkshake with almost zero coffee-like resemblance altogether. Truly making an effort to cater to personal tastes, the best baristas do a good job matching people drink-of-choice to their name.

And then they build a community. Local shops, like Rook, are not only just about selling coffee, they are about helping others in the community around them. Each year, Rook Coffee hosts a fundraising event in Long Branch called the 5K “Rook Run.” All proceeds of the run benefit The Valerie Fund, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that provides care and support for children with cancer and blood disorders. Over the past four years, The Rook Run has raised almost half a million dollars for the children of The Valerie Fund.

Apply your own hyperlocal marketing strategy:  Creating brand and customer loyalty can go a long way and puts you in a unique position to provide additional solutions. Customers will notice when you take time to build a relationship with them and make an effort to establish a personal connection between your product or services and the community around you. Volunteer, fundraise…get involved.

Pour Your Heart Into Your Brand

It’s true, the best local coffee shops are brimming with a certain unmatchable vibe (and beloved bean). But, no matter what product or service you may be selling, these tips can be applied to help any brand succeed at hyperlocal marketing, even among the big names out there.

Do you need help creating a well-balanced blend of hyperlocal marketing solutions for your brand in New Jersey? Let the branding professionals at CMDS help your business stand out among the giants.

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