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Distillers Marketing to Distributors: Pitching Your Brand

Published Feb 1, 2018

When it comes to distillers marketing to distributors, genuine brand messaging can be the differentiating factor that gets your bottles into the hands of key decision makers. 

Pitching Your Distillery Brand to Distributors

In the past five years, distillers have been experiencing a boost in profit margins due to the rising popularity of cocktails and increasing consumption of liquor and spirits. But, even considering the boost in demand, brands must still focus on the right marketing strategy to pitch a distributor.

Whether you’re a distiller, winery, brewery or beverage brand, the process of attracting a distributor can seem overwhelming. Distributors are often choosy about the brands they choose to add to their portfolios, which means distillers must prove their value.

Here are four ways distillers can pitch their brand and market to distributors.

Distillers Marketing to Distributors: What Really Works?

1. Storytelling: Build Relationships Online

Obviously, you want to reach customers directly and get them buying your product from the liquor store. But, you also need to get it into the hands of distributors and bar owners who can drive more demand and keep those buyers coming back for more. To really make a connection and stand out in the marketplace, distillers will need to dig deep. That means paying attention to details on your website to create a unique experience for big players.

Pro Tips: More than just a few lines about where ingredients come from, distributors want to know more details about the product. So, tell an authentic story. For example, get into the details about where the oak for your barrels came from. Talk about the history of the forest, sustainability, etc. so your audience feels a part of your story by drinking it.

2. Distiller Trade Shows: Make them Thirsty for More

Liquor trade shows are a great way to showcase your distillery’s brand messaging and gain the attention of industry movers and shakers. The trick is easier said than done: earning the attention of a big wig.

Pro Tips: Make your booth stand out with the right graphics, call to actions and visuals to give you that memorable edge. And, don’t rely on a stack of your business cards alone. Your audience is getting slammed with information overload all day, so get swagged out with branded shot glasses, pens and other novelty handouts that they’ll remember. The more you can keep your brand in the minds of big buyers, the better.

3. Social Media: Don’t Just Be a Brand of Booze

There’s no question that a strong social media presence is vital for brand in any industry, including distillers. But every post doesn’t always have to be about booze. From Facebook  Ads to Snapchat, social media gives distillers who are marketing to distributors the chance to interact and emulate a genuine and trustworthy brand message.

Pro Tips: Don’t just be a brand about booze. Give your audience a behind-the-scene look on Snapchat and be sure to respond to comments on Facebook to increase loyalty. Also, take the time to analyze what other innovators in different industries are doing, you might just find something new to mix in that can kick your distillery into high gear.

4. Cap It All Off: Showcase Your Brand through Packaging

Logo, bottle and label design has the power to help brands stand out in a big way. But, it isn’t easy. A good bottle and label design does more than just show the logo and basic information. Packaging has the opportunity to tell the story of your product, providing a first impression that allows distributors to connect with and trust your brand.

Pro Tips: While your packaging needs to stand out from the crowded shelf without looking like a sore thumb, it also has to inspire and speak to your target market. From color to copy, it’s important to convey your brand’s message with the right design.

We Make Brands Irresistible

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