Creating Your Digital Strategy for a Strong Brand Foundation

Creating Your Digital Strategy for a Strong Brand FoundationA strong digital strategy has the power to uniquely position your business above the competition and build your brand’s solid foundation. Because the web has shifted the power away from businesses to the consumer, building a powerful brand strategy is necessary. Do you have a recognizable logo? Do you portray your brand in your website design and integrate it into the voice of your blog and on social media outlets? You should think of your brand as a person – defining who you are. It’s not just your logo, it’s your service, your social engagement, your customer service, marketing efforts and everything in between!

Mission Statement

It’s important to establish a strong mission statement which will help your digital strategy stay focused and consistent. Your mission statement is the formal summary of values and objectives of your company. It will summarize what you do, how you do it, and what you can offer to your customers. Develop it and then live by this mission statement every single day so customers immediately understand what you’re about and they should do business with you.

Think through the rest of your brand’s messaging as well. What makes your brand so remarkable? What is your company’s story? What are your core values? Also, consider developing a tagline to communicate your persona and brand promise.

Brand Identity

Establish the visual identity, such as the logo and website design. The layout, colors and font choices all play a key role in defining the real value proposition of your brand. Great logos and web design engages people on an emotional level. It connects with them immediately and addresses their goals at a rapid glance. It creates an experience and etches a true visual of your brand identity in their mind.

Make sure your website communicates your brand’s promise by visually representing what you’re about. Afterall, your website is your digital storefront for your business.

Online Customer Reviews

Businesses can increase brand credibility and trustworthiness through online customer reviews. Reviews are a crucial part of establishing your online brand. But a new trend, called “astroturfing,” of paying for reviews can manipulate the market. Fake reviews can tarnish a brand’s reputation and the repercussions can be far reaching. For example, online retail giant Amazon is suing over a thousand people it claims provide fake reviews on its website. So, it’s important to take the time to send a follow-up email to accumulate an authentic, positive review.

Testimonials are also powerful marketing tools, but they need to be credible. The social media testimonial is reliable because it can be linked to and backed-up by a real person helping to boost a company’s reputation and increase revenues.

Break the Rules

Get inside your customer’s heads to know what they think about your business. Do some market research about your key audiences so you know who and how to speak to them. But then be daring. Change the rules of the game and take some risks to bring attention to your brand. If you do the same thing all the time, your audience’s eyes may gloss over.

“If nothing changes, nothing changes”.

This simple phrase reminds us that if we continue to do things the same way all the time, we should not expect a different outcome. Experiment with new, fresh marketing ideas and surprise them to stand out.

Establish Your Brand Identity

Whether you are looking to change (and strengthen) your existing brand or launch a new one, we help to create experiences for people that engage them with your corporate brand. Talk with our brand managers today about strengthening your company’s corporate identity.