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How to Find the Top Web Development Agencies [5 Must-Have Qualities]

Published Sep 22, 2018

Like most things in life, not all agencies are created equally. Let’s be honest, trying to find top web development agencies is downright tough. It’s time consuming, it can be frustrating and even stressful. It can take days, even months of research until you find the right one.

Yes, it can be overwhelming, but it can also be fun. To help you speed up the process a bit, we’ve compiled the five must-have qualities that we think every one of the top web development agencies should possess.

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The Secret Sauce

Top Web Development Agencies

While each agency will have its own unique flavor, they all have what we like to call, a secret sauce: a certain set of traits that set them apart from the rest. From the humans behind the scenes to the holistic approach they bring to the table, they need to possess these strengths to be among the best of the best.

Here at CMDS, we’re proud of the services we offer. We’ve been around for quite some time (over 15 years, in fact) and in this time, we’ve refined our very own secret sauce. So, whether you’re a local shop or a multisite corporation looking to partner with a top web development agency, we’ve got ya covered.

If you have any questions as you read through the list, we’re always here to chat. Find us on Facebook or send us a note.

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5 Must-Have Qualities of the Top Web Development Agencies

Top Web Development Agencies

1. Powerhouse Humans

Top Web Development Agencies

When it comes to finding a professional website company, you’ll need a team who knows web development like the back of their hand. But, a well-rounded team will not just develop an amazing website with a powerful platform, they’ll design it with your specific branding strategy in mind and ensure that the goals of your business and your users are achieved. In other words…they care.

Sure, a multi-disciplined team may look great online, but how will they fit in with your brand? Ask yourself: Does this agency embody your core values? Are they interested and invested in learning about your mission and goals? An agency can seem immensely talented on paper, but if they don’t embrace your company culture, the relationship won’t last long.

To deliver the best results for their clients, it won’t just be about the cost of a website or the contract, they’ll make an effort to build a relationship with their clients. And, when you talk with them, you’ll get to see for yourself that they actually love what they do.

A few more traits that make up a powerhouse team at the top web development agencies include:

  • Passionate yet strategic
  • Experienced yet bold
  • Confident yet open-minded
  • Logical yet original
  • Innovative yet meticulous

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2. Strong Project Management Skills

Website development is complex, it’s simply the nature of the industry. Even though initials may be easily communicated, any changes add up over time that can convolute the outcome if they’re not managed properly. The ability to take changes and mold them into something everyone is clear on is a tough task. That’s why strong project management skills, organization, and adhering to deadlines are a must.

Every project is different and requires unique framework, but one thing that remains the same is that every top agency has their own dedicated process that they’ve tested time and time again. As a result, they now have a refined process and are positioned to avoid any potential pitfalls. Their process has been through the ringer and has proven results.

Results are key.

The agency must keep the clients’ needs in mind throughout the entire process and maintain a clear, open line of communication detailing project progress and data. Lots of data.

3. On Top of Trends

Top Web Development Agencies

Trends will always come and go, website design trends are no different. In today’s fast-paced world, the top web development agencies know what trends have staying power and what fads will fly by in a flash. They know when algorithms change and what to do about them. They plan ahead and constantly adapt to help your brand stay competitive. They know what’s hot…and what’s not. But more importantly, they know what trends are going to generate solid results.

We actually wrote an article about some of the most impactful trends to watch out for in the sphere of web design and development. Check out: “What Are The Web Design Trends for 2019.”

Not only is the agency in a constant state of learning with their finger on the pulse, they offer up their own original and creative ideas to supercharge their clients’ unique approach. New designs, efficient software and streamlined technologies…they bring it all to the table. They evolve, they innovate, they push the boundaries.

Besides, ordinary never got anyone very far.

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4. They’re the Total Package

Top Web Development Agencies

Top web development agencies make every effort to make their clients’ life a little easier. From the discovery phase to launch, building a quality website is one thing, but once the site is finished, they know that the work has just begun.

Designs might need to be changed, SEO will need to be refined….copy, functionalities, social integrations, security… they all need to be maintained.

And a good agency doesn’t just build websites and let them be, they offer a wide range of services that gets real results. This holistic approach includes brand consultations, strategies for growth, website maintenance, marketing, social media management, email marketing and so much more.

They offer the total package to take your project to amazing heights you never thought possible.

5. They Know Their Sh!+

Top Web Development Agencies

Last, but not least, a good agency has an in-house staff of web developers who have vast industry experience.

They’re proud to show off their detailed portfolio that features a collection of innovative and unique projects across a wide range of clients. This is assurance that they not only have experience in their own industry, but that they are also familiar handling projects with clients in your type of industry, too.

Plus, they’ve been around a while and know what works…and what doesn’t, yet they’re open to making changes along the way.

Option A not going according to plan? Not to worry. Top web development agencies are ready for this and always have a plan B in their pocket just in case. Using A/B testing as a guide, they stay flexible in their approach to get the results their client needs.

Finding the Right Fit

Sifting through all your options to find the right agency can seem like an overwhelming task, but hopefully we’ve made it a little less painful. As you can see, to really stand out, top web development agencies have to do things differently. These five points are a great start, but you’ll find dozens of more characteristics that are unique to your own needs.

The selection process should not be rushed, so don’t hesitate to start with a phone call! The team at CMDS would love to chat: 732.706.5555.

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