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15 Characteristics That Helped a Local Marketing Agency Reach Its 15 Year Anniversary

Published Jul 19, 2017

2002. While the New England Patriots were winning the Super Bowl, the dot-com crash was causing the stock market to drop a whopping 76.81% and Spider-Man was dominating the box office, Christopher Mulvaney had big plans. Cruising around in his black Jeep with Deftones playing in the background, Chris was already devising a plan to turn his biggest dream into a reality.

At age 26, Chris had already spent years working in some of the world’s largest advertising firms…and he was already outgrowing his basement business on the side. He found himself in search of a way to marry his passions for web design and branding businesses and make things happen. With so many ideas and an unstoppable drive, he decided to create his own local marketing agency, “Chris Mulvaney Design Solutions.”


When Chris set out on his journey, he had high hopes for CMDS. Not just wanting to create cutting-edge marketing and become more involved helping other brands achieve success, Chris sought to reach markets coast-to-coast. And he wanted to accomplish all of this from his home state, New Jersey.
What began as a one-man operation surviving on ramen noodles and Chris’ strong ties to the community in 2002, has since grown into a nationwide full-service digital marketing agency with a talented team of strategists, designers and marketers. With the help of Chris’ dedicated team and loving (patient) wife, Susan, the company has grown tremendously over the past decade and a half.

15 Traits That Helped Us Reach Our 15 Year Anniversary

As we all celebrate the many years of perseverance and hard work that has resulted in exceeding client goals, we can’t help but take you on a little flashback. Straight from the team at CMDS, here are the top 15 traits that have made us successful over the past fifteen years. Enjoy the ride!
1. Fortunate– We’ve been fortunate to have clients that believe in us and trust every decision we make.
2. Hungry– Staying hungry for more knowledge and better results has kept us on the forefront of our industry.
3. Gratitude– We’re grateful for being blessed with smart employees that care and love the CMDS brand and what we stand for.
4. Agile– Priding ourselves on turning large projects around quickly, we don’t just meet client expectations, we exceed them.
5. Knowledgeable– As veterans in the digital space, we’ve been around since the birth of online marketing. We know what works and what doesn’t.
6. Approachable– From large corporations to small, local businesses, being an accessible high-end agency has allowed us to work on projects for many different types of clients.
7. Strategic– Whenever we approach a new client (or even our existing ones) we first listen to understand what the bigger goals are. From there, we work to establish a plan that is always focused on strategy.
8. Entrepreneurial– Our entire team isn’t afraid to roll up their sleeves, think of creative ways to succeed, and understands that sometimes in risk, there is great reward.
9. Empathetic– We pride ourselves in understanding the “feelings” behind things…whether it be our clients’ feelings and addressing challenges in their day-to-day running of a business or the feelings that their customers might have when making a purchasing decision. At the end of the day (behind that computer screen) it’s all about people and their emotions.
10. Passionate– We have a true passion for building something amazing from nothing and we’re willing to push the envelope to achieve success.
11. Quality– No matter how busy things get, we will never sacrifice quality. Ever.
12. Adaptive– Knowing that trends will always come and go, welcome the change to keep our clients ahead of the curve.
13. Results-Driven– We’re constantly brainstorming ways to make improvements for our clients and aren’t afraid to question the norm in exchange for the better.
14. Innovative– We’ve made it! And we continue to invent every day.
15. In-Tune- Even as we grow, our team stays true to Chris’ original vision for driving real results. This, among the other qualities above, is what sets us apart from the rest.

CMDS Anniversary: Celebrating 15 Years of Rocking the Digital Space as a NJ Marketing Agency

Named to the Inc. 5000 list in 2016, our dedication to success only continues to accelerate. 15 years and counting. This month we are all excited to celebrate 15 years of CMDS redefining web design and marketing in New Jersey and beyond.


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