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The holiday season produces the biggest sales numbers of the year for many companies. In fact, retail e-commerce is expected to grow by 16.6% during the holidays this year. However, this holiday season is a relatively short one (26 days from Black Friday to Christmas Eve), making it more important than ever for companies to make an impact on consumers quickly and effectively. A shorter season and a higher number of expected e-commerce sales mean a more competitive digital marketing landscape to close out 2014. So, how can you and your company compete?

Turn to the Professionals at New Jersey Marketing Agency CMDS for Results

If you need to create a strategy for the holiday season to help boost sales, consider employing the assistance of an experienced digital marketing company in NJ to accomplish your goals. In order to outperform your competition this year, you need a strategy that reflects the changing commercial landscape.


A number like 8.4% doesn’t jump out at you. However, when it represents the percent of total retail holiday season sales that e-commerce will make up in 2014, you should take it seriously. In this case 8.4% actually comes out to around $72.4 billion.


This number accounts for the percentage of digital buyers who will make at least one mobile purchase in 2014. This number is expected to reach 79.4% by 2018.


Black Friday was the strongest day for mobile commerce (m-commerce) in the United States last year. Mobile purchases made up 26.2% (17.1% for tablets, 9.1% for smartphones) of total e-commerce on Black Friday.

Create a Custom Holiday Marketing Strategy That Meets Your Needs

Your company’s holiday marketing plan cannot be a generic one-size-fits-all strategy. It needs to be multi-pronged and specific to how your company operates. A quality digital marketing company in NJ will know how to develop a strategy that reaches the most potential customers with the message that you want to send.


Email marketing has a big effect on the way people shop during the holidays. This strategy’s effectiveness is predicated on the fact that if people sign up to receive emails from a company it is because they have shopped there before and they are more likely to shop there again.

The holidays present a unique marketing opportunity for savvy brands. At no other time of the year do customers eagerly anticipate email marketing from brands they like. Emails with special holiday messaging, coupon codes, flash sales and other seasonally relevant content receive a higher open rate than normal. Take advantage of this opportunity to create repeat customers and keep loyal customers in the loop with news and deals during the holidays.


A well-done Pay-Per-Click strategy can go a long way during the holidays. Creating special holiday-themed PPC ad campaigns will deliver a spike in your holiday traffic. Your digital marketing firm can target relevant, seasonal key phrases for your business. The most successful campaigns will direct viewers to a custom holiday landing page, curating all of their seasonal content.

Social Media

Effective social media campaigns can play an important role in holiday traffic. Interacting with customers is always a great way to create buzz, especially around the holidays. A clever holiday-themed hash tag or a contest spurred on by your social media accounts can also be a big help. Most importantly, stay focused on customer service and keep your buyers happy during this busy season. Remember to have fun with it and to have a plan. Social media marketing won’t do you any good if it’s not done well.

Article Writing

Stay current with trends in your industry and present yourself as an authority in your field by creating quality holiday-themed blog posts. Your NJ digital marketing company can help you develop search engine optimized content that will boost your organic rankings and help buyers find your site. Work closely with your agency to narrow in on the search terms that people are using to find you and build holiday related SEO content around those words.


While it’s true that digital is the fastest growing market, you want to be able to reach your entire demographic. This can be achieved through some good time-tested methods like mailers. While some marketing agencies only focus on digital, the right marketing company will have other options available to you as well. Talk to your marketing team to find out what ideas they have to help you break out of the box.

If you would like to take advantage of this holiday season, contact CMDS, a marketing firm in NJ, to develop a strategy for your company. Call 732-706-5555 today.