Do Small Businesses Need a Blog?

Why Every Business Should be Blogging Whether you’re a real estate expert, HVAC company, local law firm or plumber, blogging is an important marketing tool that allows you to create relevant (and useful) content for your customers. It’s a chance to position your brand a leader in your field, gain trust and communicate directly with […]

Remarketing Without Being a Stalker

Retargeting By now, you should know that remarketing, also known as retargeting, works to successfully connect with your online audience. But, you might be wondering: how do you do it without seeming like a stalker? Our marketing experts at CMDS have provided a few tips below for optimizing your retargeting campaign to ensure they’re crafted […]

Connecting With Your Online Audience Through Remarketing

One of the most asked questions businesses ask is, “How do I attract new customers?” followed quickly by the question, “And then, how do I get them to keep coming back?” Did you know that only 2% of site visitors convert on their first visit? Remarketing can help bring the other 98% of visitors back […]