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Mobile apps are on the rise. Is your business receiving the engaging and reliable solutions it needs to grow?

Build Your Brand with mobile app development services.

The market for mobile app development is huge and it’s only getting bigger. Consumers aren’t just downloading game apps anymore. In fact, non-game app downloads, are expected to account for a quarter of all app store downloads by 2020. But if you think mobile apps are limited to big brand names like Amazon and Chase, you’re wrong.

Today, most small to midsize businesses understand the influence of these rising mobile trends, but creating an effective digital marketing strategy that involves more than a mobile-friendly website can feel overwhelming.

We get it.

At CMDS, our mobile app development team will ask you all the right questions and take the time to gain a thorough understanding of your operational goals and financial objectives. This process allows us to not only design a fully functional and beautiful mobile app for your business, but also create a solid foundation that allows for seamless integration with customers, suppliers and/or third parties.

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By 2020, mobile app downloads are expected to reach 284 billion.

Stay Competitive with maintenance and enhancement services to improve your mobile app.

To ensure that your brand has the necessary solutions to remain competitive, we also offer mobile application enhancement and maintenance services. No matter how well your app was built, over time, it will need to be enhanced and updated to stay ahead.

The CMDS mobile app development team employs fast, reliable support services to help maintain apps such as enhancing features or fixing bugs, keeping the app up-to-date and ensuring it runs fast, without any glitches.

Maintenance and Enhancement for Mobile App Development

Application Support – Our mobile app development support services focus on enhancing apps and fixing bugs. The support includes production & functional support for custom mobile apps.

Application Management – Our mobile app development management services include management, maintenance and overtime advancements so you can make your mobile app more competitive and stay up-to-date.

Performance Management – Our mobile app development performance services helps ensure your mobile app is always performing the best it can. CMDS measures the performance of your app by its usability, speed, reliability and robustness.

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Why does your business need mobile app development services?

We get it, every single dollar spent on marketing represents a significant investment for a business. But, when it comes to mobile app development, the potential rewards most certainly offset costs. And considering the continued growth expected in the global app market, that means more opportunities for those willing to make a savvy investment.

To stay competitive, you need to provide more than just a product.

You need to provide value.

Studies show that people (your customers) prefer using mobile apps over a mobile website. That should really come as no surprise. Apps have a lot of benefits. From accessing general information, like prices and special promotions or booking an appointment, to managing personal accounts, receiving push messages and accessing news feeds, customers have all the access they’re looking for right at their fingertips.

Plus, the more times you can get customers using your mobile app, the more likely they’ll be inclined to purchase your product or service.

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85% of individuals prefer native apps to mobile websites. Give customers more of what they’re looking for with a mobile app.

Why do other businesses keep choosing CMDS as their mobile app development agency?

What you'll receive when working with CMDS.

Monthly maintenance program, Behavior monitoring, Text changes, Adding or modifying links, Online reviewing, App testing, Upgrades for every new version launch of OS, Bug fixes

Fully integrated mobile app development to ensure seamless transactions.

Rich-functionality with fast load times that improve user experiences.

More customer activity that lead to increased conversions.

Enhanced workflow management, customer interactions, and business transactions that boost your bottom line.

All the analytics you could ever need that prove our methods work

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The most recent studies show that mobile apps are on fire right now…and they’re not going anywhere anytime soon. Your customers simply prefer using an app over accessing your website on their mobile device, so give your end-users the interactive experience they need.

You bet! In addition to your core features like site administration and shopping cart, you can enhance value through customized app features such as social media, contact forms, video archives, photo galleries, news feeds and more.

You dream it, we can build it.

Get Ahead of the Competition Grow Business with Your Own Customized Mobile App

What Are You Waiting For? It’s no secret that mobile apps will set you apart. Ready to create your own?

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