As a cost-effective and hyper-targeted advertising platform, Instagram has the power to fuel your site with qualified traffic.

Why Advertise Your Brand On Instagram?

One billion; that’s how many active Instagram users there are around the globe: over an eighth of the population. Of all the social media big dogs, only Facebook and YouTube have more people logging in daily. But, when comparing engagement rates and number of monthly active users, Instagram beats them out! As a highly visual and easy-to-use platform, Instagram has become a lucrative component of many brands’ digital marketing strategy.

Are you using Instagram ads to reach your audience? You should. Every year, brands keep increasing their budget for social media advertising. Why? Consumers are spending more time online via mobile devices. Digital apps, like Instagram (which is a mobile-only application), are providing significantly more targeted options than traditional media to reach them

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The total online spend is expected to increase from $151 billion in 2015 to $273 billion in 2020.

Source Zenith

Grow Your Brand with an Instagram Advertising Agency

As an Instagram advertising agency, CMDS is your solution. We’ll help you target the right customers, strategize to meet your ROI goals and save ad spend dollars on campaigns that actually work. Whether your goals are to drive traffic to your website, announce a product launch, increase app downloads or boost brand awareness, our Instagram advertising techniques are proven to reach a highly visual and engaged audience. We’ll help you connect and interact with your target market. Together, we can help you tap into a niche market that will fall in love with your product or service…getting your brand where it needs to be.

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59% of U.S. Instagram users are between 18-29 years old. The majority, women.

Source Statista

How Can an Instagram Advertising Agency Help?

More Clicks- On Instagram, brands can direct users to any webpage that you want them to visit and take action. We’ll create ads that generate excitement and maintain momentum.

Additional App Installations- Get your app in the right hands with a quick and seamless launch straight from the App Store for iOS or Android.

All the Views- Videos are a unique way to share a story, demo a product or make a special announcement within 60 seconds or less. We’ll make sure they’re seen.

Quality Leads- We’ll help you find your ideal customer and present them with a compelling offer they can’t refuse.

More Conversions- Clear call-to-action buttons, such as “Shop Now,” allow Instagram users to take action without guessing what you intend them to do.

Repeat Sales- Boost online sales with new customers and strengthen relationships with current customers who are ready to click through and buy now!

Higher Engagement- Cross-sell by directing display ads to users who have already purchased your products, reminding them of new products or features available.

Ultimate Brand Awareness- Build awareness around your brand by targeting a specific audience.

Create. Target. Optimize.

We know that you already have a great product or service. Let us help you put your best picture (or video) forward with captivating, relevant and strategic ads.

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When done correctly, Instagram ads can reach over 1,000 people with less than $10!

Source CMDS

Instagram Advertising FAQ

Ready to reach an engaged audience, for less? Our award-winning Instagram advertising agency will help you reach your core objectives, fast.

CMDS is a digital advertising agency in New Jersey that specializes in helping brands nationwide advertise on Instagram. Working with an Instagram advertising agency, like ours, has several advantages for your brand. From our in-house creative marketing team who will test your ad copy to ensure you’re getting the best results to our team of strategists who love to prove your ROI with mounds of data, we’ve got you covered.

With hyper-focused ad targeting on Instagram, brands can choose their audience based on simple demographics like gender, age, education, etc. and reach even more based on interest, hobbies, behaviors, etc.

Then, based on your budget, we’ll build a customized campaign that aligns with your marketing goals and strategic objectives. For us, it’s about building a winning campaign that delivers the right message to the right people at the right time. As a results-driven agency, we’ll help you determine which ads are right for you.

  • Photo Ads- Pretty straightforward, photo advertisements on Instagram are a simple choice to enhance brand presence quickly and reinforce a promotional message.
  • Video Ads- As the perfect choice to deliver a cinematic feel, savvy brands use video advertisements as a more sophisticated way to reach customers.
  • Stories Ads- Build a buzz around a particular product or service, with advertisements on stories. This unique opportunity can really bring a brand’s story to life and reach the audience who matters most.
  • Carousel Ads- By showcasing multiple products in a single ad, these multi-photo advertisements allow brands to link to a website or landing page for that perfect next step.

We believe in keeping things simple. Similar to Twitter advertising and Facebook advertising, brands can choose their budget for every campaign (daily or lifetime). This includes how much you’re willing to pay per ad result. But, guess what? Instagram advertising campaign dollars go much further than other platforms. Considering Instagram users are more than twice as likely to click on ads than on other social sites, IG is the way to go!

CMDS Is Trusted By Fortune 1000 Companies Nationwide.

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