With millions of users daily, Facebook is considered the new TV.

How Many Leads Have You Already Given to the Competition?

In case you haven’t heard, Facebook is kind of a big deal. According to the latest figures released by Facebook, (as of January 2018), Facebook has over 2.2 billion monthly active users generating likes, loves, shares and clicks every day. With over 70 million businesses using Facebook Pages, there’s no shortage of brands taking advantage of those users through paid advertising.

If you’re not one of those savvy brands already using Facebook advertising to your advantage, chances are you’re losing countless leads to the competition. Stop spinning your wheels with ad methods that get you little to no results, let our team of in-the-know marketing strategists develop effective ad campaigns that get you ahead of the curve and ahead of the competition.

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More than 5 million businesses are actively using paid advertising on Facebook. Are you?

Source Hootsuite

Advertise Your Brand On Facebook

The fact is: Facebook was built for socializing with friends. Zuckerberg’s constantly changing algorithms have prioritized this even more recently. In fact, it’s pretty hard for businesses to take advantage of organic reach nowadays.

But, that doesn’t mean it’s a lost cause.

The truth is, brands need to use Facebook advertising if they want consumers to discover who they are, what they do and what they have to say.

As a leading Facebook advertising agency, CMDS’ in-house marketing gurus know how to cut through the confusing algorithms and maximize the return from your ad spend. It is not uncommon for Facebook advertising capabilities, restrictions, targeting, and specifications to change as frequently as monthly. Keeping up with these changes can be a full-time job – luckily, that IS our job.

Our Facebook advertising services are extensive. We know all of the latest Facebook opportunities and technical requirements. We’re not just interested in likes, loves, shares and follows, we’ll set up and manage Facebook campaigns that convert your Facebook audience into customers. It’s what’s behind the “click” that really matters. We’ll refine your Facebook ad campaign month after month to ensure you’re continually improving return-on-spend.

Using strategy and creativity, we’re the Facebook advertising agency that delivers results for local startups and national brands alike.

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Facebook users access Facebook more often than users of any other social network.

Source Pew Research

Our Facebook Advertising Blueprint

The difference between good enough and beyond great, comes down to strategy. Our approach is data-driven, but, don’t worry we humanize everything we do. We’ll start your campaign by ensuring we have tracking in place to accurately measure the ROI of your Facebook advertising campaign. Those analytics help us to see what’s working (and what’s not) to refine your ad and find your customers. With the incredible targeting capabilities Facebook offers, our CMDS Facebook advertising specialists harness every detail of the ad so no opportunity goes to waste.

The Think Tank

Our team collaborates to analyze your brand and crunch the numbers. We leverage all of our strategic minds and come up with a unique audience targeting strategy that gets great returns on your campaigns. And we don’t just look at demographics (though, we do that, too). Through hyper-targeted audience segmentation, we get into social data such as education level, relationship status and job position; human experiences such as weather events, offline purchase behaviors and interests; in addition to CRM such as targeting friends of users and your existing customer database.

In other words, we can help you access mind-blowing customer-targeting capabilities. We’ll help you find your ideal customers and target that audience with the right messages that drives valuable conversions for your brand.

Content that Attracts

Once we’ve identified your optimal Facebook audience, we’ll develop compelling ad creative and copy that you need to attract “begging-to-buy” leads and convert them into lifelong customers. From selecting the right image and enticing ad copy for your campaign to selecting the perfect call-to-action, everything we do is tailored to fit your specific brand goals. We’ll bring your social media ads into a unified message with your branding objectives and work with you directly to ensure the right message is conveyed.

No need to sweat over the details of executing your Facebook ad campaigns, we handle all the busy work so you can focus on growing your business.

Campaigns that Come to Life

Our team loves data and Facebook is no exception. We have the tools, strategy and experience to create, manage and optimize every element of your campaign. Facebook advertising shouldn’t be a randomized experiment, so, we’ll test, retest and refine your ad copy and creative elements to make your campaign really come to life and generate prospects who are ready to buy. Focusing on moving your customers through the conversion funnel, we will show them the right ad at the right time.

Once we put it all to work, we’ll monitor all the performance data of your campaign to generate a steady stream of leads who keep coming back, begging to buy.

Effective. Essential. Insightful.

Want to drive traffic to your website? Build brand awareness? Increase sales? No matter your overall business objective, we’ll map out the right strategy to meet your goal.

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Over 90% of Facebook’s ad revenue comes from mobile.

Source Facebook

Facebook Advertising FAQ

CMDS has helped clients drive big returns from Facebook advertising. Nothing we do here is generic. Wondering how your brand can experience the power of Facebook advertising to reach and convert new leads ...and re-engage lost customers? Let’s dig a little deeper.

Brands continue to invest their marketing dollars into Facebook ads because they deliver positive returns on investment. When used correctly, Facebook is actually one of the most effective social platforms for businesses to market their products or services and meet a finely-tuned target audience who will fall in love with your brand. With valuable mobile traffic and extensive analytics, it’s a monster-sized marketing opportunity you can’t ignore.

No matter what your advertising goals are, Facebook serves as an effective platform to reach them.

  • Traffic and lead generation- CMDS has the tools you need to turn visitors into customers, increase the rate of app installs, design creative landing pages and generate rewarding lead magnets.
  • Engagement- Fostering interactive relationships with customers takes time. CMDS has the experience with boosting the right posts to promote brand awareness within your community.
  • Retargeting- Given its vast user bandwidth, Facebook is an excellent way to generate remarketing traffic. Retargeting is an extremely powerful way to grow business. By continuing the dialog with previous website visitors, CMDS nurtures brand loyalty by targeting the right audience, at the right time.

Whether you’re a local start-up company or a mid- to large sized business, we have the methods and insights that deliver fast results.

  • Starting Out- If you’re a relatively new brand or just starting to experiment with advertising, don’t waste your time on unreliable or mixed results any longer. Ensure your ads are set up with best practices and maximize a positive return on your investment with our full team of marketing mavens working on your campaign.
  • Building Business- Business is rolling and you’re currently advertising on Facebook, but just can’t keep up with the day-to-day management. Don’t worry, we’ve got ya covered. Whether your team is spread too thin or you’re a business owner feeling the strain from trying to stay on top of the ever-changing landscape of tracking pixels, product feeds and ad performance, a Facebook advertising agency can give you that unique advantage you need to get ahead of the competition.
  • Maximizing Results- As an established business maybe you have already been using Facebook ads, but are starting to reach a plateau with your performance? Or maybe you’ve been throwing a lot of dollars behind campaigns, but aren’t sure what the return is. Don’t let Facebook eat your money.. Hire a Facebook advertising agency to oversee optimization to help you maximize results…someone who can give you the leads you’re looking for.

We know how important every marketing dollar is for our clients, so we make sure to dig deep into the data. As a Facebook advertising agency, our approach is a little different. We’re crazy creative. But, we’re also data-driven and 100% transparent to remove all the guesswork. Analyzing the performance of your ad campaign within an ounce of it’s life, we find out where every cent is being spent, exactly who it has reached and what it has achieved. Our team of in-house Facebook advertisers use a combination of cutting-edge analysis tools, comprehensive industry research and in-depth experience to monitor campaign performance and discover new opportunities for your brand to attract new leads.

Then we’ll take all those metrics and provide a report so you can see the results for yourself. But, don’t worry, you won’t have to decode any agency jargon, we’ll present the stats that matter most to you and your management team in a simple, easy-to-digest format.

What differentiates our Facebook ad services from other marketing agencies? Not only do we have an in-house team of account managers, branding strategists, digital marketing professionals, copywriters, creative designers and social media managers, but all these individuals work cohesively together to ensure greater ROI results. Performance-focused and crazy-creative we’re headquartered in beautiful Colts Neck, New Jersey but we work with clients nationwide.

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