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Social Ads Are No Longer Optional

You’ve already spent the time and resources growing your brand on social media; you even have fans in place. Now, it’s time to focus on keeping them interested. But, as a business, you need to break through the social clutter (ie: kittens and babies) and get eyeballs on your message. STAT.

Guess what? Social media wasn’t intended for advertising, it was originally designed to connect people (ie: your old college roomie) at the intersection of technology. However, like all businesses, it’s essential to evolve in order to experience growth. Enter: Social media advertising.

Social media advertising gives businesses the unique opportunity to target people both geographically and psychographically. This is your opportunity to ensure you’re speaking directly to the people that you know have a high propensity to buy and “create the need” for your brand.

At CMDS, we take a holistic approach to integrate social media advertising campaigns that work effectively alongside all your other digital marketing efforts. Whether your goal is to increase exposure within the social channels themselves or boost traffic to your site and generate leads, we’ll help you amplify your message and connect you with the right customers, fast.

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Did You Know?

Nearly one half of the world’s population is active on social media.

Mastering the Art of Advertising in a Social World.

We create social ads that deliver.

At CMDS, our seasoned digital marketers have mastered the art of social media advertising in a noisy, evolving, social world. Since 2002, our clients have trusted us with their marketing and advertising needs. With a proven track-record of success, our social media advertisers know how to find and mix the right channels for a wide variety of industries including e-commerce, financial, pharmaceutical and many other B2B and B2C businesses.

With a team of in-house strategists, content writers and creative designers, we’ll find out what makes your brand tick, create a solid strategy to attract the right customers and execute with a vibrant force. We’re professionals in creating ads that make people want to click and take action.

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Pro Tip!

75% of advertisers now use paid social media to boost their advertising efforts. Don’t get left behind.

How’s it work?

Strategy & Goals We think people are pretty awesome. We obsess over strategies to target your customers, find what platforms they’re spending time on and set goals to lure them in with relevant and interesting ads to meet your unique goals. Common goals often set for social ads include: brand awareness, engagement, event promotion, lead generation, ecommerce sales, etc.

Audience Targeting This customer-centric approach is at the core of everything we do, always keeping an eye on the bottom line. With different targeting options available on different platforms, we know how to dig in and find your audience. Some examples of targeting on common platforms include: Facebook- demographics, interests, look-a-likes, existing CRM lists; Twitter- keywords, topics; LinkedIn- job titles, industry.

Ad creative We live and breathe creativity. Constantly pushing the envelope on creative, our game-changing social media ads are tailored for this specific digital channel. With pixel implementation and conversion tracking setup.

Testing Between your amazing product or service and the right customers, combined with our awesome advertising know-how, we know how test in order to optimize results and drive consumer decisions.

Ad Spend We expertly manage and monitor your ad spend across various social media channels, like the big 4: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & LinkedIn.

Reporting Targeting optimization, campaign results, bid management and reporting: our team’s background is saturated with data analysis. Through transparent reporting, we’ll help you make good sense of your results and help drive conversions at the lowest cost.

Strategic. Creative. Targeted.

After researching everything about your brand (goals, customers, competition), we will develop a social media advertising strategy crafted to meet your goals.

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Social Media Advertising FAQ

You’ve got questions about social media advertising... but are too afraid to ask? Don’t worry, we’ve got ya covered.

Posting on social media is free… do you really need to invest in paid ads? Yes. If you want to reach more people, social media advertising is essential. Otherwise, you’re solely relying on organic shares, which is no longer an easy feat for businesses (thanks for that, Facebook).

Facebook is a good place to start (with almost two billion users on the platform), but it’s important to consider other platforms that are a good fit for your specific brand. Whether it’s timely posts on Twitter, visual boards on Instagram or B2B connections on LinkedIn.

Spend can vary depending on your geographic footprint, goals and audience targeting. It’s easy for us to run quick numbers and get you an estimate. Just ask!

When you post something on Facebook, you have the option to reach more people by promoting it as an ad or boosting it. But, it is common to confuse the two. Simply put, if you’re looking for a simple way for posts to be seen by more of your audience, boosting is the way to go. If you want more advanced customization and targeting for new prospects, you should consider ads.

We get it, you need results- yesterday. Like a fine wine, things take time. Thankfully, social advertising returns results faster than that. How long you’ll have to wait will depend on how much you’re willing to spend and your timeline, but usually two weeks time is enough for us to see success.

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