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Creative marketing & design solutions for distillery brands.

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Grow Your Business

Whether you’re a craft distillery working to get your new whiskey on the distribution list of suppliers nationwide, or a microbrewery trying to get your latest IPA onto the menus of bars and restaurants in your area, you know you need a killer marketing strategy if your brand is going to get noticed.

Pour Everything You Have Into Your Brand

Our team of digital and social marketing specialists knows a thing or two about what it takes to grow your brand.

We know most alcohol brands have to split their time (and budget) between B2B marketing to be recognized by distributors and suppliers, and B2C marketing to appeal directly to consumers.

We know that socially-responsible brands marketing beer, wine or spirits need to be wary of compliance with strict FTC regulations on pitching their products to underage consumers.

And we know these brands face stiff competition for their audience’s attention and dollars. Alcohol brands are literally pouring into the digital space. (pun intended, sorry!)

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Build Trust With Your Customers

We also know that alcohol drinkers are some of the most loyal consumers in the world—and we know how to create a unique strategy to give your brand a direct line to them.

Marketing Plan Made For You

Our team of experts will design a strategic marketing plan specifically for your brand, and your target audience.

What will that strategy look like? That all depends on what you need.

  • Creative brand messaging
  • Attention-grabbing logo, label and bottle design
  • Responsive website development and cutting-edge website design and maintenance
  • Creation and delivery of engaging content, imagery and video collateral
  • Comprehensive social media marketing across relevant platforms
  • Partnership development with select social media influencers
  • Paid social advertising and traditional PPC
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CMDS: Your Marketing And Branding Experts

You know that marketing an alcohol brand can be a beast. We get it. We see the challenges you face as a beer, wine or spirits manufacturer. But we also see the opportunities that digital marketing offers you. If you’re going to compete in a crowded industry like yours, you’re going to need to take advantage of them. That’s where CMDS comes in. Let’s grab a quick drink and chat. Or give us a call at (732) 706-5555 to learn more.