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Distillers Marketing to Gen X: Authenticity is Key

Published Mar 13, 2018

Understanding generational trends can help alcohol marketers shape their promotional campaign strategies. Whether it’s leveraging what they drink, when they drink or why they drink, distillers marketing to Gen X must first make authenticity the focal point.

Distillers Marketing to Gen X: Common Characteristics of This Small But Influential Generation

Referred to as the “middle child” of generations, Gen X includes Americans born between 1965-1980 (aged 38-53). Although it’s one of the smallest generations, it’s not one to disregard (but one that often is).

Savvy distillers know that marketing to the Gen X population is a smart move. 

Here’s why.

What’s on Tap?

This cocktail-hour generation is at a much different stage in their life than they were just ten years ago. An alcohol rush is not what they’re after any more. Gen X are now reaching the peak of their careers, and juggling homeownership and child care. A glass of wine after the kids go to bed or an occasional drink at the bar after work is more what interests them.

When it comes to purchasing patterns, this group is the one who displays the most brand loyalty. With more labels on the shelf than they grew up with, they tend to stick to what they know and trust.

But don’t let that stop you from reaching out. Gen X do their research, they evaluate and compare. And they thrive on personal connections.

Big Spenders

Sure, they may be defined by MTV, hip-hop music and grunge culture, but this overlooked generation has a habit of outspending all other generations.

When it comes to entertainment, eating out, housing clothing… you name it; their spending habits far outweigh Millennials and Baby Boomers.

But that’s just the beginning.

Social Savvy

Gen Xers are busy. They work a lot. They spend a lot. But, turns out, of all the other generations, Gen X has the best marketing characteristics… in other words, they’re social-savvy.

Considering they were the first generation to grow up with computers, the neglected middle child is pretty comfortable with the evolution of technology. In fact, you’ll find over 80% on social media – mostly Facebook and Twitter.

Lots of Spirit

In spite of all these desirable characteristics, Gen Xers aren’t feeling the love. Over 50% say they’re frustrated with brands ignoring them and would prefer to feel a connection.

For alcohol distillers, it pays to give this generation some personal attention.

For a supposedly small generation, Gen X’ers have a powerful voice. Among the most highly educated generation in the U.S., (35% have college degrees), these customers will expect you to be an expert in your field, too.

Yes, honesty is always the best policy. But authenticity tops their list, too. So, when marketing to Gen X clients, always keep it real.

Recommended Strategies for Marketing to Gen X

  • Considering Generation X is not swayed by flashy ads and aggressive sales tactics, turn your marketing strategy to content that clearly explains what they can expect from your brand. For example, create persuasive landing page call-to-actions that get your customers to…take action!
  • Their preference for avoiding risk predisposes them to stick to brands they already use and love. Consider hooking this generation with an online loyalty program. Get the word out through video storyboarding, engaging branded blog copy and catchy social media campaigns.
  • And although Gen X is pretty tech-savvy, don’t discount traditional marketing tactics like creative logo designs, labeling and innovative PPC campaigns. It’s time to think outside the bottle, literally.
  • Stand out in the increasingly competitive distillery market by emphasizing your brand’s diversity. Gen Xers respond well to this kind of conservative messaging as well as those that highlight environmental friendly activity. Blog about it, highlight it within your website copy and remind them about it through regular email marketing campaigns.

Last Call

Don’t be afraid to target Gen X.

While this target audience may not sound quite as sexy as millennials, at the end of the day, they’re prime targets for alcohol marketing campaigns (and if they trust in you, they’ll buy a lot from you).

Looking for practical tips on how to better target generation x and customize your distillery marketing strategy?

Let’s chat!

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