Email Automation

Email automation is one of the most effective (and popular) forms of marketing.


Build brand awareness and increase conversions through efficient and effective communications.

Keep Your Brand Top-of-Mind

Email automation is all about communicating with prospects or customers at the right moment, with the right message. Your customers have unique needs and interests, email should not be a one-size-fits all approach. Automated emails allow brands to create more personalized content that specifically coincides with the purchase cycle of their customers…and reap the rewards.

As a full-service creative marketing agency, we put our emphasis on generating revenue-producing results, reaching clients nationwide. Our in-house team mixes traditional marketing services with modern marketing practices and technology, such as email automation, to help brands cut through the clutter and drive more sales. We’re your email automation agency in NJ. And far more.

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Email automation receives almost 120% higher click rates and 18x more revenue than broadcast emails.

Source Jupiter Research

Tap Into The Power of Automation

Email automation solutions create new efficiencies for brands, allowing their team to optimize communication efforts and put the focus back on building their business. And, you still stay connected. By tracking click-through-rates and other recipient actions, we can identify the most interested prospects and streamline the sales funnel.

But you’ll not only save time and money, nurturing leads through email automation also gives you a huge advantage over industry competition. Your emails are relevant. So, they’re more likely to get open, clicked and convert.

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Subscribers who receive an automated welcome email show more than 30% long-term brand engagement actions than those who don’t.

Insightful. Engaging. Driven.

At CMDS, we craft insightful emails that engage with your target audience and drive real results. Keep shoppers engaged until they’re ready to buy.

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On average, email recipients spend 51 seconds scanning the content of your email. Create a series of emails to share one piece of content at a time so every message gets the attention it deserves.

Email Automation FAQ

The number one reason top-performing brands use data triggered emails is to increase revenue but less than 25% of brands actually use this marketing strategy. Since we don’t want you to get left behind, here are some common questions and answers to help you get started today.

At CMDS, we draw from our creative marketing experience, strong focus on strategy and cutting edge technology to design interactions that your target audience wants. Now. Our goal? To create human-to-human interactions that also align with every other element of your marketing strategy for a holistic experience.

Different from newsletters and one-off campaigns that are sent to a big list of people in one shot, email automation is specifically designed to automatically send an email to a particular individual when they meet a certain trigger. This could be a welcome email, newsletter sign up reminder, birthday celebration, abandoned shopping cart, etc. The beauty of email automation is that after the triggers are set up and emails are coded and designed, you won’t have to lift a finger.

Campaigns can be as simple or as complex as your brand objectives and resources. Like most marketing ROI, the results of your email automation efforts will vary based on your campaign size and initial investment. Whether you’re sending out a few emails on a timed basis or delivering a complex campaign based on the actions taken by your prospects, personalized email automation has the opportunity to strengthen existing relationships and increase upselling and cross-selling opportunities. It pays off.

Nurture and Engage Your Leads

CMDS is trusted by Fortune 1000 companies nationwide. Call us at (732) 706-5555 today to learn more about building your brand through email automation!

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