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Why You Need a Press Release for Your Small Business

Published Apr 30, 2015

Press releases are like a work of art; creating an engaging and exciting news release that reaches your clients through valuable publicity should be part of any marketing campaign. When written and released correctly, small businesses can see immediate benefits when they use a press release as part of their marketing attack plan. Press releases are an important weapon in the fight to get your brand noticed among your competitors and are not just for major corporations. They should generate buzz and drive interest to your company website through media coverage and SEO boosters.

Written With a Purpose

A well-structured press release is written with the company’s audience in mind and contains a title (headline), summary, body with keywords (including all of the who, what, where, when and how information), it also includes contact information of the company and relevant links. A well-written press release focuses on delivering content with the purpose of communicating with target audiences as well as communicating with search engines. This means that each press release should be written in a way that it is optimized for SEO (so search engine ‘spiders’ can find and rank your site) in addition to speaking to your audience with a purpose so they understand the “why”.

What is Your “Why”

A press release enables you to communicate anything really. Changes in your company, upcoming events and news all can drive traffic to your website. Perhaps you’re starting a new business, introducing a new product, announcing a speaking engagement, or launching a new website…no matter what you’re covering, it is a very effective means of promoting to your captive markets.

Benefits are Numerous

This marketing tool provides important exposure for your website and business by increasing your visibility for search engines. It will introduce your website or products to new users and increase the amount of backlinks from other websites. As mentioned above, press releases increase your search engine rankings by giving your website better visibility for “spiders” crawling for keywords. One of the other great things about writing press releases is that they are easily sharable social media so that other readers can Tweet about the release and share it on Facebook, LinkedIn and other social sites. Maximize exposure through emailing the release to your contacts as well.

Delivering Solutions

It’s easy to get overwhelmed but with help from the press release professionals at CMDS, you don’t have to be. Our writers have written hundreds of releases and know what it takes to make these releases engaging. When it comes to your small business marketing, let us deliver the results for your company. CMDS = Creative Marketing + Design Solutions.

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