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7 Ways to Master Email Segmentation

Published Feb 10, 2015

Email may not have a very sexy reputation, so maybe that’s why email marketing doesn’t get the credit that it deserves. The fact is that email is one of the most powerful tools in your company’s arsenal. The applications of email are endless: drive more sales, generate leads, educate potential customers, funnel people to your website for remarketing, build a social following, set up appointments and calls, etc.

Yet, as powerful as email marketing can be, many businesses are not doing it properly. In fact, most companies overlook the most important part of email marketing – the list itself!

The Untapped Power of Email Lists

Too often, companies jump straight into the content of their email marketing, without doing their homework: analyzing their lists. Email lists are the foundation of email marketing – the secret sauce that will determine the overall effectiveness of your email campaign.

In many cases sending a one-size-fits-all email to your entire list works just fine, for example, newsletter subscriptions. However, in the majority of instances, this shotgun approach does absolutely nothing to help your marketing efforts. By examining your lists, you can actually determine what your email messaging should be AND dramatically increase your campaign’s effectiveness. The key: list segmentation.

Email Segmentation and Why You Should Love It

The more information that you collect about your email list, the more you are able to target your content to relevant, engaging messaging. Determining exactly who is on your list, how they got there, and their level of engagement with your brand should shape the type of messaging you send. Once you have categorized your list by type, create email blasts that are focused on the specific areas that they have in common. See the info graphic on the next page for some specific examples of ways to segment your list and the types of messaging that works best for them.

Think about your own inbox – what emails are you most likely to open? Ones that are from personal friends or people you know. Or ones that are written directly to you and about something you are interested in. That is basically what email list segmentation can do for your business – turn your emails into personal, relevant and, ultimately, opened messages to your customers.

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