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The Fine Art of Positioning Personal Branding Campaigns Online

Published Jan 3, 2018

What is brand positioning and what does it have to do with building your personal branding campaigns online? A lot more than you may realize.

A brand’s “position” typically refers to how people (not you) perceive it relative to the competition. From the smallest start-up struggling to break through to the worn-out entrepreneur who is ready for a refresh, brand positioning can be a very powerful tool.

So, how do you achieve a favorable position and become the brand that everyone trusts?

It starts by taking the time to tell your story and grow your reputation online so people will trust you and your brand.

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Brands Built on Trust

Influence is now considered the new affluence. From social media comments to online reviews, everyone has something to say. When it comes to purchasing decisions, referrals are twice as effective as any paid ad. Whether based on a friend’s recommendation or a promotional post on Instagram, promoting your personal brand online should be much more than checking off a daily task. It has to be about opening up a conversation, being “real” and building influence.

There’s no question. Brands who were once built on a transaction-based model must now shift to a trust-based model. Or they will not survive.

With almost 30 million small businesses in the United States, crafting the right kind of personal branding campaigns online will set you apart. No matter what product you sell or what service you offer, if there are two identical businesses – and they are both at the same price point – which one are you going to go with? It’s a blindingly obvious answer – customers will always choose the one with the brand name that they feel more connected to. The brand that they trust.

In fact, even if the potential customer doesn’t necessarily have an emotional connection tied to one of the brands, if they have heard of one name but not the other, they will choose the one with the name they recognize.

Revealing Your Personal Brand Positioning Message

Without a doubt, PR is about image. From paid media (ads, social media and search engines) to owned media (your website or blog) to earned media (promotional efforts and charity events), your personal branding campaigns should vividly paint a picture of who you are (extending way beyond your resume) and what you have to offer to customers/clients.

You’re important. So, don’t hesitate to tell the world about how awesome you are. But just remember to prove your reliability, quality and commitment through your actions, not by actually saying you’re “the best.” There’s a difference.

To help you bring your online personal branding campaigns to life, begin by answering a few questions:

  1. What do you excel at doing? (What makes you better than the rest?)
  2. What else do you do during the day (that relates to your experience) that you think others would find interesting or valuable?
  3. Are you working on anything new and innovative within your business?
  4. What is going on in the news in your industry that is comment-worthy?
  5. Are any trends happening in your area of experience that could affect your customers/clients?
  6. What community events do you have planned?
  7. Are you attending any conferences or industry-related events?

Your story is your strongest weapon and people need to hear it.

Bringing Your Online Personal Branding Campaigns To Life

The world (and the internet) wants to hear your story. But we get it, it can be challenging to talk about yourself (unless you’re an overly self-confident individual who thinks they are the most interesting person on the planet). Sometimes it can be tough to step back far enough to see a story.

But, we promise, your story is already there. All you have to do is reveal it, the right way.

When you start incorporating your story into your personal branding campaigns online, you’ll be amazed at the emotional connections you start building with potential customers and the relationships you develop.

It’s time to tell your story. Let us help you bring it to life.

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