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Linkedin: The #1 Business Social Network & Quick Tips to Help Promote your Business

Published Sep 13, 2011

Most people, if asked which social network is king, would probably respond with an answer of “Facebook”. In business, the most powerful social network is LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a social network for professionals, and with over 75 million users, it’s an incredibly valuable networking tool. Did you know there are executives from every single Fortune 500 company on LinkedIn? Credibility? I think so!

Aside from networking with other professionals in your field, LinkedIn also serves as a platform from which you can market your product or service. Since LinkedIn is focused solely on businesses and professionals, you have increased odds of reaching the audience you want to target and more importantly, those people who are influential decision makers.

LinkedIn Tip 1

Create a group on LinkedIn

By creating a group on LinkedIn you have even better odds of touching your target audience. Because there are over 75 million users on LinkedIn, you can create a very specific group to reach multiple demographics and vertical markets.

LinkedIn Tip 2

Joining groups

By joining groups, you expand your network, but also increase the ability to build meaningful business relationships with like-minded individuals.

LinkedIn Tip 3

Posting links

You can increase the visibility of a relevant group by posting links to both the group and your personal profile in other relevant social networks.

LinkedIn Tip 4

Putting a link to your public profile

Putting a link to your public profile in the signature of your e-mails is also a way to get more traffic to your LinkedIn page.

LinkedIn Tip 5

Post relevant group information

Post relevant group information on your personal page to drive traffic from your profile to the group page on LinkedIn. Proactively engaging with your audience and fellow users will help to promote their engagement with you. This reciprocal action will also help to develop meaningful relationships with your LinkedIn connections.

LinkedIn is indeed the most powerful social network on the internet. It is a tool that can be used to catapult both professionals and businesses to great success.

For more information on how we can help develop a strategy that works for your company on LinkedIn, contact us online or please give us a call at 732-706-5555 and speak with one of our social network strategists.

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