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In today’s packed social landscape, it’s harder than ever to get your brand’s message across on Facebook. Some days, it seems like organic reach is on an inevitable death spiral. With each new algorithm update from Facebook, it gets harder and harder for your post to find its way into your audience’s news feed unless you are paying to put it there.

Is it time to jump ship and give up on Facebook altogether?

In a word: no.

Yes, it seems impossible to stay on top of each algorithm update. And yes, it can be incredibly frustrating to see a perfectly good post go virtually unnoticed in the vast sea of social media content. But chances are, your brand can’t afford not to be on Facebook.

Why Marketers Shouldn’t Give Up On Facebook.

1.4 Billion People Can’t Be Wrong.

Love it or hate it, Facebook is still the most popular social platform. By a lot. With 1.4 billion+ Facebook users worldwide, and nearly 2 billion monthly active users, there’s a pretty good chance that your audience—whoever they are—are on Facebook.

And, they’re spending time there.

Amidst alarming news that the average human’s attention span is currently no lengthier than that of a goldfish, the average Facebook user still spends about 20 minutes per visit, or about 600 hours per month on the platform.

So while you may only reach a small percentage of your audience with any given post, if you delete your page, you are guaranteed to reach none of them.

Your Competition Would Thank You.

There are currently more than 54 million businesses using Facebook Business Pages, and about 2 million of them are spending money to advertise to their Facebook audience. Odds are, your brand’s competition is among those millions. Take yourself out of the Facebook game and you’re all but handing the portion of your audience that is active on Facebook over to your competitors.

Unprecedented Value.

Part of marketers’ frustration with the progression of Facebook algorithm changes is the realization that Facebook has become a ‘pay to play’ platform. But are traditional marketing avenues any different? If you really want to get your audience’s attention, you have to put your money where your mouth is.

So while you may no longer be able to reach as large a percentage of your audience organically (read: for free), Facebook advertising presents great value to marketers. It is powerful and hyper-customizable. Facebook allows you to set, control and monitor your budget in real-time, so there are no surprises.

And then there’s the level of targeting that Facebook ads offer. Want your ad to land in the feed of a 30-something married woman living in a suburb of San Francisco who listens to Prince? Not a problem. Trying to reach a 50 year-old empty-nester in New Jersey who owns his home and loves to cook? Right this way.

Simply put, Facebook allows you to target your advertising in a way no traditional marketing can.

Let CMDS Help You Navigate Facebook’s Changing Waters.

While there’s no denying that reaching your audience on Facebook isn’t easy, it’s not time to give up on Facebook altogether. Before you abandon ship on your Facebook Business Page, let CMDS throw you a lifeline. Our social media professionals can help you leverage the potential that the world’s biggest social platform has to offer.