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Are you wondering what the next latest and greatest web innovation will be? Well Google+ is combining the best of content creation and sharing, information search, social media, and more into a revolutionary new site that is set to take over the web in a big way. We live in a social world, and the only way for many companies to survive is to adapt, and adopt social into their business model.
Google for many is their go-to search engine. The new +1 function of Google+ is now allowing users to both create and find content. This will, and already has, introduced a completely new level of interactivity. The impact of this change over time may be a change in how search results are compiled. While a user is logged into Google+ they are able to see search results based upon both what Google finds as relevant, and also results based upon what their friends and Google+ connections have created, commented on, and liked. If the user is not logged into their account however, they will not see results based upon any other Google+ members.
Some of the key functionality of Google+ is the ability to merge many of the best features of popular sites into one place. Google+ is linked with the user’s Gmail account and their e-mail, which will also be viewable in the same portal. With Google+ , users are able to create a profile just as they would on Facebook and add friends. These friends are categorized using “Circles” which can be set up anyway you like. Users can also “like” content, just as they would on Facebook. Google+ also offers a customizable newsfeed, called “Sparks” based upon categories of topics that interest you.
The ease of use is perhaps the best trait of Google+ . It is much more appealing and cleaner than many other popular sites.