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What Are Custom API Integration Services and How Can They Help My Business?

Published Aug 18, 2018

The digital experiences consumers have come to expect every day wouldn’t be possible without APIs. Connecting apps, driving information-rich marketing campaigns and streamlining operations, savvy organizations know the importance of investing in API integration services as a smarter way of doing business.

Here’s a quick overview of what APIs are, how they work and what API integration services can do for your enterprise.

What is API Integration?

what is API integration
API, short for Application Programming Interface, is a set of instructions (protocols) that allow two web-based software applications to connect and “talk” to each other and share operations. In this case, the term “application” also refers to software, computers and machines. By integrating outside applications into your own applications, it’s a great way for businesses to enhance connectivity and strengthen functionality.

While invisible to the end-user, this software-to-software interface may be web apps or mobile based apps. They may also be consumer-facing or backend apps that funnel requests to a database. While it is similar to the user interface, APIs are different because the data and/or functionality is consumed or provided as a service by another piece of software rather than a human.

How Does API Work?

Third party APIs present many opportunities for businesses. They allow applications and devices to connect and communicate seamlessly, leverage other technology and code as part of their core applications, provide specific access to the database and act as a security filter. It works by only exposing a limited number of internal functions that benefit both businesses and consumers.

With more than 16,500 APIs in existence (and more on the way), chances are you’ve already seen APIs at work.

API Integration servicesPerhaps the most common example of an API is an ecommerce shopping cart payment process. The payments are handled by an API, such as PayPal. In the United States alone, ecommerce represents almost 10 percent of retail sales, a figure that is growing by almost 15 percent every year. Personalizing the user experience through API technology integration is key for brands to stay competitive in the growing online shopping space. From automatically managing unlimited affiliate accounts and syncing inventory to maximizing variation control and offering recommendations to customers based on their purchase history, online retailers have the necessary tools to greatly enhance the user experience and leapfrog the competition.

“Brands who embrace API integration technology will be positioned to outperform those that are slower to adopt.” Chris Mulvaney, CEO, CMDS

Additionally, every time you use an app, like Google Maps, you’re using an API. Here’s how it may look in everyday life: a local real estate application for new home buyers might incorporate an interactive map with navigation for users by connecting with Google Maps. Every time the app discovers a smart phone’s current location, it displays an updated map, it sends a request across the network to a unique API, offered by Google.

Other popular APIs include Amazon Product Advertising, Dropbox, Uber, Strip, Web conferencing and social media giants like Twitter and Facebook share icons and YouTube API which allows for the integration of videos into websites or applications.

How Can API Integration Services Help Businesses

API integration services can enhance business performance in a variety of ways. Whether for a local start up or a global enterprise, API integrations are game changers for brands in any industry. Discover how the feature-rich APIs can raise your business to the next level.
how does API help my business


Your users only see one of the interfaces, the app or website where they are making their transaction or interacting with a feature. In the background, the integration happens quickly and seamlessly to create a quality experience. When integrated correctly, the user never notices when software functions are passed from one application to the other, yet they get to experience other apps they’ve come to know and trust.

This offers vital credibility for your brand.


Businesses face many technological demands every day: inventory, payroll, sales, marketing, etc. The process never ends. Once they put a relevant third party API in place, not only will they improve efficiency and accessibility, they’ll have the time to focus their efforts on other strategic business growth. Automating manual tasks saves time, money and stress.

Your life will change forever. Really, it will.

Cloud-Based Integration

Technology is critical in today’s cloud-based environment. When you think about the explosion of applications and tools that consumers and businesses rely on today, API integration becomes essential. Offering a convenient substitute for expensive infrastructure, API offers its users almost infinite resources that can be used as required.

No matter your business requirements, our developers will build out the cloud-based API integrations, scalable to meet your needs.


Part of integrating an API is trusting in the third party offering the API, therefore, one of the most important safeguard for API integration is monitoring and testing of the application interface. Before integrating 3rd party API, it’s critical to inspect the API documentation for clean, organized API. If it is not maintained well, it can impact the functionality of your application or website.

Contingency backup plans and backup API are simple solutions.

How to Choose Reliable API Integration Services

reliable API integration servicesNot sure which API is going to be most beneficial for your operations?

  • For those in the start-up phase seeking to win market share (and survive), API integration services help to promote sustainability. By enabling them to streamline processes, they can make the most of limited resources and improve offerings.
  • For established companies focusing on growth, API integration gives them the tools to adapt to expansion needs and manage more complex processes and improve the user experience.
  • For mature businesses ready to innovate for the future, API integration allows for new business model experimentation with services that are flexible enough to address new opportunities.

When it comes to creating the right behind-the-scenes API for your business, you have many options at your disposal.

But, it can be confusing to know where to even start.

CMDS provides the reliable API integration services businesses need to function flawlessly. Customized to each business’ specific needs, we’re experts in creating the seamless experiences that your users expect.

Tell us what you’re dreaming of creating and our talented team of programmers and developers will bring your project to life. Contact us to tell us about your project.

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