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Old Bridge Business Sees the Power of Smart Website Design & Internet Marketing Services

Published Aug 1, 2010

From enhanced lead generation to assisting its inside sales team, portable sanitation company Johnny on the Spot has gained multiple benefits from its investment in a site redesign and internet marketing services program.

Old Bridge, NJ (Vocus) July 30, 2010 — When portable sanitation company Johnny on the Spot decided to invest in a new website in 2009, they knew it would be a leap of faith ‚Äî hoping that their largest to-date marketing expenditure would pay off in increased traffic. One year later, they’ve gained an increase in qualified visitors and much more.

“We went from a very simple site to a more sophisticated, more visible web presence, ” explains Marvin Hyer Jr., the company’s marketing coordinator. “It definitely changed the game in terms of our positioning and how we interact with potential customers. ”

The company’s new site, launched in July 2009, was a significant change from its predecessor in terms of appearance and functionality. Says Hyer, “The redesign was very different ‚Äî not only for us, but for the entire industry. It was much more advanced than anyone else was doing at the time. ”

Johnny on the Spot worked with internet marketing services company CMDS, a Middletown-based online marketing agency. “Site design was very important to us, and CMDS delivered exactly what we needed. Our business is all about being in the right place at the right time, and the updated site made it much easier for customers to not only find what they needed, but also to reach out to us. ”

CMDS also educated the company on the importance of using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) to make the new site as effective as possible. “Two months into the new site, we saw a dramatic increase in the number of qualified leads, ” says Hyer. “Fairly quickly, we could see we were definitely more visible online. ”

Year-over-year analytics show tremendous increases in site traffic ‚Äî including a nearly 58% boost in visitors, according to CMDS creative director Christopher J. Mulvaney. “The combination of the site redesign and an online marketing program allowed us to drastically increase Johnny on the Spot’s lead production through the website. ”

Reports show 143 leads generated in June 2010 — in a single month, reaching close to what the site generated in the entire six months prior to the relaunch.
Says Hyer, “The Internet is now our dominant lead generator. We’ve seen a definite impact on our bottom line. ”

The site has quickly become a favorite among the company’s inside sales representatives. “It’s a great supplemental sales tool, ” explains Hyer. “The reps can direct customers to particular areas on the site and show callers exactly what they’re talking about to help them choose the right product. ”

The site’s more sophisticated design and robust functionality also helps to reinforce the company’s brand positioning. “The website conveys Johnny on the Spot’s market positioning as a premium solution, ” Hyer says. “It was a major component in our repositioning, and has done a good job attracting the attention of our target audience. ”

But the company knows it will take continued efforts to maintain the site’s high levels of ROI. For example, Hyer has recently worked with the CMDS team to add a blog to the site, as well as a section on special events. By keeping content fresh, “we can maintain the visibility we need to be found online, and to keep a steady flow of qualified leads coming our way. ”

About Johnny On The Spot Johnny On The Spot, Inc. (JOTS) began in 1957 with septic pumping, and added portable sanitation units in 1970. Since that time, “The JOTS Difference ” has produced one of the nation’s most progressive providers of portable sanitation units with the constant introduction of state of the art facilities, specialty equipment such as luxury, ADA compliant and high-rise units, and the development of service vehicle specifications which are now considered the industry standard nationwide, among other innovations. Johnny On The Spot ( is headquartered in Old Bridge, N.J., and can be reached at (732) 721-3443.

About Internet Marketing Company CMDS CMDS is an award-winning online marketing agency, web design company and SEO company dedicated to generating leads for businesses. Services include website design, online advertising, iinternet marketing services and search engine optimization. To learn more, visit or call (732) 706-5555

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