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NJ Real Estate Leader Leverages Internet Marketing Services to Build Powerful Lead Machine

Published Aug 3, 2010

NJ real estate agency Team Chris Walsh describes the benefits gained from an online marketing campaign created by internet marketing services company CMDS.

Middletown, NJ (Vocus) August 3, 2010 — When it comes to marketing, real estate agent Chris Walsh considers himself fairly knowledgeable. But he never anticipated just how powerful an effect online could have on the growth of his sales group, Team Chris Walsh, operating out of his top producing Middletown-based agency, RE/MAX The Real Estate Leaders.

Says Walsh, “I had a pretty strong base knowledge – conceptually, I understood the type of marketing we needed and how it was all content driven, but needed help in exactly how to structure that content.”

Unfortunately, he could never find the right agency partner to deliver the support he needed. “We’d worked with marketing agencies in the past who just couldn’t deliver.”

Enter CMDS, a Middletown-based internet marketing services company and a former neighbor in Team Walsh’s Tindall Road office building. “We had actually spoken with CMDS a few years ago, but never pulled the trigger on a marketing plan. They had a lot of good ideas, but I was hesitant based on poor past experience with other firms, ” explains Walsh.

A member of Team Chris Walsh worked with CMDS on the purchase of a new headquarters building, and kept Walsh in the loop on the firm’s growth. “She was so enthusiastic, always telling me how well they were doing, I thought, ‘These guys must be doing something right, it’s worth revisiting the conversation.'”

In 2009, Walsh took the leap and engaged CMDS. “They took our existing site and did a complete overhaul of the infrastructure. Internally, they did a lot of production work – adding new pages and features like a blog, inquiry forms, and calls to action on every page. Once the infrastructure was in place, CMDS brought us in and explained exactly what we needed in terms of content and how to develop it. ”

Working together, CMDS and Team Chris Walsh launched a site marketing campaign in late December 2009. Within weeks, the program had far exceeded Walsh’s expectations.

“Lead generation took off, “Walsh says, adding that he had to staff up with agents who were prepared to handle the volume of leads. “Some of them were saying, ‘It’s too much, you have to pass these leads to the next guy.’ What they didn’t understand was that they were the next guy, ” he laughs.

By May, Team Chris Walsh had achieved a 668.74% increase in visitors – nearly 4,400 a month – when compared to the same period in 2009. But as Walsh explains, “What you have to understand that it’s not just a 600% increase in activity on the site; our conversion rates have gone through the roof. ”

As a result, the agency tightened up its lead protocol to work as efficiently as possible. Says Walsh, “Because of the high volume of qualified leads continuously generated by the site, we’re working all the time to improve our process. For example, we recently met with CMDS to fine-tune our inquiry system. They listened to our concerns and suggested the addition of an opt-out feature for people who want to browse the site but don’t wish to be contacted. As a result, the quality of our leads is better than ever.”

Walsh recognizes the importance of fresh content for keeping his site rankings high. To date, Team Walsh has written hundreds of articles on topics ranging from renter’s insurance to feng shui.

The results speak for themselves. “About two months into the marketing campaign, we were on page 20 of Google for a particular search term. That has steadily risen, and today we’re on page one – higher than companies with dozens of offices and entire full-time marketing teams. To outperform them in a little more than six months is pretty impressive.”

He continues, “Working with CMDS, it’s been a constant climb forward, and I definitely foresee us continuing our efforts. I’d love to multiply my staff by three or four times and our online business by 300-400% as well. My only regret is that I didn’t call CMDS and get started a year earlier!”

RE/MAX’s Team Chris Walsh specializes in all aspects of nj real estate, including both conventional and short sale transactions, and caters to each client by providing them with a highly trained agent that specializes in their particular real estate need. Specialties include, but are not limited to, first time home buyers, FHA buyers, short sale listings, luxury home buyers, new construction, green building, builder listings, rentals, and specific areas of New Jersey. Reach Team Chris Walsh at (732) 933-0200 or visit

CMDS is an award-winning online marketing agency, web design company and SEO company dedicated to generating leads for businesses. Services include website design, online advertising, marketing services and search engine optimization. To learn more, visit or call (732) 706-5555

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