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CMDS Tapped for Online Marketing Services for BellowsTech, LLC, A Servometer® Company

Published Apr 5, 2011

Middletown, NJ & Ormond Beach, FL (April 5, 2011) – While online marketing has become a staple for retailers and consumer product manufacturers, more and more manufacturing companies are now realizing the power of Web-based marketing to reach their niche customers. As a result, CMDS of Middletown, NJ, which specializes in internet marketing services and web design, has been retained by BellowsTech, LLC, a Servometer® Company to help drive industry traffic to their website.

BellowsTech, LLC, is a leading manufacturer of metal bellows and assemblies, located in Ormond Beach, FL. The account will be handled by Anthony Sole, head of CMDS’ southeast regional office and will consist of a comprehensive link building campaign.

Chris Mulvaney, CEO of CMDS notes that manufacturers are getting more sophisticated in their use of online media. “Initially, companies in the manufacturing sector simply put up and web site and hoped people would find them. Now, however, more sophisticated companies like BellowsTech and Servometer take an aggressive approach to driving qualified traffic to their sites to build their business.”

CMDS has formulated a successful approach to internet marketing services that incorporates three key elements. The company offers website design to help clients attract customers with a sleek web site that’s striking and engaging.

To get the most out of that website, they offer SEO services to get them ranked high on search engines so they rise to the top and outperform competitors to drive sales.

They are also a PPC (Pay-Per-Click) management company that creates captivating ads that are rich in calls to action.

“Clients come to us because our campaign strategy ensures they get clicks from users most likely to convert,” explains Mulvaney. “We help clients to outrank and outsell the competition by starting with a competitive analysis. We then research their online campaigns, monitor their progress and adjust the strategy as needed to keep them performing better.”

To date, CMDS has built its business around the manufacturing, consumer packaged goods, real estate, construction and healthcare industries.

About BellowsTech LLC:

BellowsTech, LLC is an industry leader in the development of metal bellows using edge welded technology for various applications. With the flexibility to use fourteen materials (including Stainless Steel, Inconel, Hastelloy, Haynes 242, and Titanium), eighty-eight standard sizes, and various mounting connections, BellowsTech manufactures solutions for its customers.

About Servometer:

Servometer is a preeminent manufacturer of quality-crafted bellows, couplings, electroforms, and electrical contacts. Since 1957, our custom engineered parts have made “the impossible – possible”, providing clients accurate, dependable and reliable solutions for any application challenge.

About CMDS:

CMDS is an award-winning full service marketing agency, web design company, and SEO agency dedicated to branding businesses. Headquartered in Middletown, NJ, CMDS has been offering superior services including website design, online advertising, internet marketing services and search engine optimization since 2001. For more information, contact Christopher Mulvaney at (732) 706-5555 or visit the company’s web site at

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