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What Does a PPC Management Company Do?

Published Apr 19, 2010

Pay Per Click (PPC) is a form of internet advertising where the advertiser “bids ” on specific keywords for the best placement in the “sponsored listings ” section of pages, most commonly found on search results pages, either on the top in a shaded box or to the right of the search results. A PPC Management Company views a PPC campaign as part art and part science.

Whenever possible, it is best to consult with an internet marketing services company. If not, you could end up making potentially costly mistakes with a PPC campaign.

How a PPC Management Company Utilizes Pay Per Click Advertising Campaigns

The first part of a¬†PPC management company planning a pay per click campaign is to do keyword research. This involves determining what keywords (and potentially geographies) are best related to a company’s area of focus. A PPC management company can provide professional assistance in selecting an appropriate keyword list.

The next step is “bidding ” on the appropriate keywords for the campaign. This is where cost per click (CPC) comes in. This is the cost a potential advertiser pays for a single click on the ad that will bring the potential customer to the advertiser’s website. The sites that display PPC ads will provide a section of advertisements that match the keyword list and the searcher’s keyword search. Many search engines have sponsored links alongside the organic (naturally produced) results on a search engine’s result page.

Hiring A PPC Management Company Can Help Avoid Costly PPC Mistakes

A PPC campaign requires ongoing quality control and tracking. On occasion, some campaigns have been victims of click fraud. This is a type of internet crime that occurs when a person or automated script acts as a legitimate user looking for a service or company. Ultimately this creates an unnecessary charge to the advertiser. Having a PPC management company regularly monitoring the PPC campaign, potential click fraud trends can be identified and reported.

Another costly mistake is linking the PPC ad to a non-relevant page within the company’s website. The individual is looking for a specific product or service. If the ad doesn’t take the searcher to a page for that specific product or service, they may navigate away and do another search, ultimately loosing the potential customer. A PPC management company makes¬†sure the ad goes to a page that is specifically for what the potential customer wants to find.

These are just two examples of the many potential pitfalls that can occur during a PPC campaign. Work to avoid these errors by enlisting the help of an PPC management company, which will help ensure success.

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