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What is Integrated Marketing Anyway? Explained by an Internet Marketing Services Company

Published Jul 27, 2010

As internet marketing services continuously increase, so does the marketer’s vocabulary. One term, “integrated marketing, ” may confuse some, but it is an important part to understanding all that is available online and offline to a marketer.

Understanding Integrated Marketing

Integrated marketing refers to a complete approach to marketing and marketing communication according to internet marketing services company. It works to provide a consistent and cohesive message for the business in an effort to build a brand’s identity. This concept can, and should, include both online and offline marketing channels.

Online marketing channels are becoming increasingly important, especially as marketers become more web-savvy. There are a variety of different tools and best practices that a internet marketing services professional should be aware of when developing an integrated marketing campaign, including search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC), micro-blogging (such as Twitter), standing blogging, affiliate marketing, e-mail blasts and RSS feeds, to just name a few. This area of online marketing is ever widening and only through thorough discussion with a client can the right message be developed for sharing with potential clients.

Why is Integrated Marketing Important?

The concept of integrated marketing is increasingly important due to the ever-evolving media opportunities for companies to be a part of and develop their message. Brand awareness is becoming increasingly important and providing a consistent message, regardless of the advertising venue, is going to be even more important on a daily basis as technology continues to adapt and advance.

The true beauty of an integrated marketing plan is that it can be implemented in stages that make the greatest sense for the business. The budget for an integrated marketing plan can also vary widely, so it is important that the plan consider all the different opportunities, their potential ROI and in what steps they should be implemented for the greatest value. Some may want to start with blogging as a way to reach a new audience in short bursts of information, while others may want to do a complete website redesign coupled with a pay-per-click campaign as a way to generate new site visitors. This should all be discussed during the planning phase so the implementation is straightforward and the ROI can be calculated regularly.

Ultimately, developing an integrated marketing plan is an important part of a business finding new customers and only through working with an experienced integrated marketing professional or company can true success be achieved.

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