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Website Marketing and Internet Marketing Services

Published Apr 1, 2010

Website marketing can mean many different things. It can mean building a high-quality website with solid coding, optimized content, search engine optimization, internal and external linking and more. Developing this plan can feel daunting at first, however, by working with an experienced internet marketing services company, the task will be much less overwhelming by having this type of company as a guide.

Search Engine Strategies from your Internet Marketing Services Company

Developing a search engine strategy is a multi-faceted process, say internet marketing services companies. First, a keyword list must be developed. This keyword list will help those searching for sites to fulfill a need and find the right site. Keywords are identified through a series of data collection, online research and use of internet tools.

Once the keyword list has been developed, it is important to include those keywords in a page’s META data. These tags sit in the code “behind ” a page and are used to provide a description of that page’s information. A separate tag, the title tag, is often grouped in with META tags, is the information that appears in a web browser’s bar at the top. The combination of META data and the title tag are often the first bits of information that will describe what a page is all about.

Again taking that keyword list, descriptive keyword-rich content must be developed. Writing for the internet is very different from writing for print. Information must be short and to the point. Oftentimes, people don’t “read ” on the internet; they skim, looking for those keywords that are important to their search. By including the keywords from the originally developed strategy, an individual will be able to determine quickly if this is the information they seek. Additionally, the keywords used in the page will also allow spiders from search engines to determine what a page, and ultimately a site, is all about.

Headline Tags for Internet Marketing Services

Along with a site’s content, META data and title tag, headlines are also an important part of a page’s information. Those are also depicted in tag form and are referred to as “H-tags. ” Each page should have one H1 (the main headline), one or two H2’s (subheads) and finally, possibly one H3 (often a “call to action ” ). Again, this information helps both the individual looking for data, as well as the spider deciding on the importance and relevance of a page, and ultimately a site.

These are just a few steps of a larger process. An experienced internet marketing services company can provide guidance throughout the entire process.

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