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Understanding Internet Marketing Services

Published May 4, 2010

Since the evolution of the internet, marketing has changed dramatically. Understanding those changes are key for success, which is why hiring an  internet marketing services company when planning an online campaign is a valuable decision.

Internet Marketing Services 101

In order to have a successful online campaign, a holistic approach is required. For example, if a company is launching a new product, there are a variety of online marketing methodologies that should be used.

A first consideration should be writing optimized content for the product page. This should include keywords used to describe the product as well as the product name. Consider putting an announcement on the homepage of the company’s website with a link that directly goes to the product page. Also consider adding a “call to action ” at the bottom of the product page for those would like to either purchase that product or speak with a company representative about the product.

From an off-page optimization standpoint, there are a number of different initiatives to get the word out about a company’s new product. A multi-faceted internet services company can help make sure all bases are covered in the online campaign. Writing a press release for online purposes is slightly different than a “traditional ” press release. Just like the website’s product page, the press release should be optimized with specific keywords related to both the product and the company. An online press release can be sent to literally thousands of different news, industry and other websites around the world in a much more time-sensitive fashion than a traditional press release ever could.

Another great off-page optimization opportunity is social media marketing. By utilizing sites like Facebook, Twitter and the like, the word can get out to an audience that might not necessarily have seen the product announcement otherwise.

Article marketing is another opportunity an  internet marketing services company can help facilitate. Will this new product save money in a manufacturing plant? Can this product be the subject of a use case or white paper? Writing articles or other online content highlighting the functions of the product is a great way to show potential customers the best parts of the product.

Utilizing an Internet Marketing Services Company

These are just a few different ways an  internet marketing services company can help develop an effective online marketing campaign. There are a number of additional ways an internet marketing services company can help get the word out about a product or company initiative to help drive business and potential customers.

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