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Internet Marketing Services for Gender Specific Websites

Published Sep 17, 2010

When a company decides to develop an internet marketing strategy, it is important for a company to utilize a professional internet marketing services company. When developing a strategy, the most fundamental marketing plan incorporates not only a company’s existing client base, but also the prospective client base. For the purpose of simplicity, let us say the two companies in question target gender specific audiences.

With the knowledge of the key demographics in place and general internet marketing campaign in mind, it is then important for an¬†internet marketing services company to step in to advise the client in order to take the companies’ internet marketing strategy to the next level. While there are different approaches an internet marketing services company can implement, the focus of this article is internet marketing for both specifically female demographic and specifically male demographic.

For a woman focused marketing strategy, it is important to research women’s internet habits. Based upon the recent study, “Women Connectonomics,” conducted by research firm Added Value, women enjoy browsing websites that “revolve around personal growth, as well as their interdependencies on others in their social circle ” . Forty four percent of women who participated in the study say they browse the web to get information about products and brands on women’s lifestyle sites. Women also frequent women’s lifestyle and special-interest sites and are most receptive to marketing messages on lifestyle, specialty and review sites. (source:

Based upon this knowledge, web design and internet marketing strategies for women are very calculated and the design goes beyond using the color pink. It would be important for the site to be interactive as well as incorporate functionality to upload personal pictures, stories, and reviews of their experiences at the specific company. A company focusing on a women’s wellness campaigns with an emphasis on women’s health issues each month would be another unique strategy an internet marketing services company may recommend. Based upon women’s internet usage habits, the company should design their web site to evoke a community atmosphere. This website will provide an enjoyable experience on the internet and will hopefully translate to an positive experience once business has been conducted.

When marketing to a male target audience, your internet marketing services company should suggest a website that is concise and free of clutter. According to a study conducted by “Men Online ” report conducted by E-Marketer, men are more inclined to use the web via mobile phone, so the internet marketing services company should design a website that renders clearly on a regular computer as well as a mobile device. Also, according to this report, an interesting fact about men’s online usage, is that they watch videos on websites more frequently than women. This fact would have an internet marketing services company developing video content for the website and their individual YouTube channel. (Source: )

While these are the basic facts of men’s and women’s online usage, the counsel of the internet marketing services company can utilize many more tactics to ensure your internet marketing strategies attract your target audience.

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