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Internet Marketing Services for Content Development

Published Apr 7, 2010

As the saying goes, content is key and the more places targeted content can be posted, the better. Development of quality content, however, can take time and resources many companies do not have. This is where an internet marketing services company can come to the rescue.

Content Brainstorming with an Internet Marketing Services Company

When a company first sits down with an internet marketing services company to discuss content development, a list of keywords will need to be flushed out. These keywords should be used throughout the content. This list of keywords can be developed by the internet marketing services company to build the content around. The keywords should include common search terms related to the company. An experienced internet marketing services company will have multiple tools and best practices to help develop a solid keyword list.

After the keyword list has been developed, begin to brainstorm a list of content ideas. These ideas should include information that should be included on a company’s site as well as ideas for off-site content.

The Importance of Off-Site Content from Internet Marketing Services Companies

While it is essential to have quality, informative content on a company’s website, it might be even more important to have solid off-site content. This content can be used in a variety of locations, like blogs and article sites such as Ezine Articles. Article sites provide content and posts covering every article under the sun. Blogs are also extremely popular for both informational content, as well as random thoughts.

An extremely important aspect to off-site content is linkbuilding. Anytime a piece of content is posted anywhere on the internet, it is essential to create thematic anchor-text links back to the specific page on a company’s website that covers that specific topic. This is where that keyword list comes back into action. The links should be built using the terms on the keyword list.

While building links in off-site content is important, don’t go overboard. Keep links to a maximum of three links per post. By limiting the number of links in a post, it is not considered obtrusive to the reader and the power held by these links will not be diluted.

Getting Help From an Internet Marketing Services Company

This entire process of identifying keywords, developing and posting content and creating quality, thematic anchor text links can seem overwhelming. This is why it is essential to work with an experienced internet marketing services company that can provide guidance throughout the entire process.

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