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Internet Marketing Services Focused on Video and Image Tagging

Published Apr 14, 2010

Multimedia is taking on a larger and larger role in internet marketing. When developing an internet marketing strategy, a plan including multimedia like video and images should be included. An experienced internet marketing services company can provide guidance on the process.

Internet Marketing Services and Google

Google is a force all its own on the internet and it is important that a company’s web presence receive attention from Google. What was once a simple search engine now includes information on video searches, images, audio files, and more. Each of these file types must use information so it is recognized by Google and indexed accordingly.

The Alt Tag

Just like the META tag provides information about a web page, the alt tag provides information about an image. This is the key when individuals search on Google for different images. For example: <img src=”jersey-city-apt.jpg” alt=”Jersey City apartments” />. The Alt tag, Jersey City apartments, describes the image jersey-city-apt.jpg. The combined descriptive information of the image name and the Alt tag improves the chances that the image will be returned in search results if that combination of keywords are searched in Google.

YouTube Tagging Advice from Your Internet Marketing Services Company

YouTube is the most recognized video sharing site on the internet. From knitting help to technical tutorials, a video covering just about any subject can be found. This is a great way for companies to provide tutorials and information about their products and services, say internet marketing services companies.

After a video is uploaded on YouTube, there is a “tags ” option and this field should not be overlooked. Enter as many descriptive words as needed to properly explain what the video is about. While this field is open-ended, don’t go overboard. Also make sure that the video title/name is descriptive and avoid “cute ” titles. If the video is about researching apartments in Jersey City, then name it: “Questions to Ask a Real Estate Agent about Jersey City Apartments, ” or something similar. Keywords could include: Jersey City, apartments, rentals, renting, apartment lease, and so on.

Once this information is uploaded to the YouTube system, it will not only be listed in search results on YouTube, but on Google as well. In order for searchers to find a video, however, make sure the video title and description words are as comprehensive as possible.

Assistance from Internet Marketing Services

These are a few suggestions on how to get started making sure a company’s images and videos can be properly searched, and ultimately located, by those looking for information on Google, YouTube and other search engines. This can feel like a daunting task and company employees may not have the time to spend on processes like this to ensure it is done properly. A company specializing in internet marketing services can provide the guidance and experience necessary to get the job done right and provide quality results.

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