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Internet Marketing Services and Off-Page Optimization

Published Apr 5, 2010

An important part of website optimization and internet marketing is off-page optimization. This type of optimization can be summed up in one word: links. By creating strong inbound links, a site will get the attention it needs from search engines in order to improve site search rankings.

Developing a Linking Strategy from Your Internet Marketing Services Company

Once an internet marketing services company has developed a quality, well-optimized website, the next important step is to develop a solid linking strategy.

There are a number of factors that go into deciding what links to develop, but it can be summed up into a few key factors:

  • Anchor Text: It is important to make sure when building inbound links, the text used for the link uses the targeted keywords for the site. These keywords should have been identified during the initial site planning phase.
  • Thematic: Whenever possible, make a link from a thematic source. What does that mean? If the site is about financial planning, create a link from a financial planning location, such as a blog post. This will further prove to search engines that the links are relevant to the site, which will help improve a site’s rankings.
  • Do Follow Links: Some sites have a “nofollow ” attribute when building outbound links. This type of link isn’t as strong as others, therefore, it won’t help a site as much as other linking opportunities available.
  • Page Rank: While some argue that page rank isn’t as important as it once was, it still is a useful statistic to determine a site’s importance in the eyes of a search engine. A page’s page rank (PR) can be determining by utilizing the Google Toolbar.

If a linking opportunity doesn’t meet all these standards, should it be disregarded? Absolutely not. This is the “best case scenario. ” If a linking opportunity meets at least one or two of the criteria mentioned above, then it is still worth creating the link, say internet marketing services companies.

Linking Help from an Internet Marketing Services Company

Developing a quality linking strategy takes a complete understanding of the internet marketing process and how to find and develop high-value link opportunities. If links are created without considering a long-term strategy, then it may simply be a waste of time. This is why it is worthwhile to consult with an internet marketing services company that can devise a holistic online marketing program and a corresponding linking strategy.

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