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Internet Marketing Services and Email Newsletters

Published Apr 16, 2010

While email newsletters can take a time commitment, they can provide potential and existing customers with important company-related information. A regularly published email newsletter is a key promotional opportunity that should be seriously considered as a way to grow a business.

Planning Email Newsletter Frequency and Content Tips from your Internet Marketing Services Company

The first two points to consider include how frequently the newsletter should be published and what kind of content will be included. These answers can vary based on a number of factors. As mentioned previously, developing and delivering a quality newsletter plan is a serious time obligation and the deployment schedule should consider how often content can be realistically developed.

Content can include just about anything. From product update information, to “tips and tricks, ” to a “FAQ ” (frequently asked questions). Another possible idea is to provide a coupon code for just newsletter subscribers as a way to evaluate the effectiveness of a newsletter campaign.

Another consideration is selecting a list management and newsletter deployment company. These companies will host an email list, which can often be segmented on various criteria (region, buying habits, etc.) so different newsletters can go to different segmented lists. There are many different list management and deployment companies to choose from and each should be interviewed carefully to ensure all needs will be met. It is also important to ask about monthly charges and any extra “fees ” depending on the deployment schedule and list management needs.

When to Utilize the Services of an Internet Marketing Services Company

If a company decides a newsletter should be part of their marketing plan, then it may be worthwhile to consult an internet marketing services company. An experienced internet marketing services company can help plan out a schedule, develop content and ensure timely deployment. Statistics like open rate and click through rate (CTR) are also important to track, as well as “bounce ” totals. A bounce occurs if a newsletter could not be successfully emailed to a recipient. This could occur for a variety of reasons, including a full inbox, a closed account or a mis-typed email address.

All this information and planning is key from the very beginning. Seeking assistance from an internet marketing services company may be a good solution to ensure the program’s success.

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