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Internet Marketing Services and Article Marketing

Published May 5, 2010

Article marketing has long been a great way to provide useful information to potential customers while showing off a company’s knowledge in a specific area or provide background information on a product. What was once a print-based form of marketing, it has now moved online with great success.

Article Marketing 101

Since the emergence of recent online marketing opportunities like social media marketing and SEO,  internet marketing services have proved both useful for the reader and successful for the company providing the information.

As an example, a company provides a service like accounting. A potential article could be “Steps to Avoid When Filing Personal Taxes. ” By writing and posting articles online with company-relevant topics, the company is providing a valuable service to the reader by supplying useful information. The company is also showing the reader they have extensive knowledge in the area covered. This is what many refer to as a “win-win. ”

When writing content for the purposes of article marketing, it is important to include a by line of the writer’s name and company name as well as end with a few sentences explaining the individual’s background and the services or product the company provides to either the general public or the business community.

Writing Optimized Content

Developing content for article marketing is quite different than other types of online or off-line writing. Work to develop a few keywords or keyword phrases to include within the content. This way those phrases can be used as thematic anchor text for linking back to a targeted page with a company’s website, advise internet marketing services companies.

It is also worth mentioning when writing content for online marketing to keep it short. Don’t write War and Peace because it will not be read. Most people today do not “read ” online, they skim. This is another reason why including targeted keywords is important. As the reader skims the page, he or she will look for specific words. By including specific common industry keyword terms and phrases, the reader will focus in on those terms and potentially review the article more carefully. If a reader scrolls and scrolls for an extended period of time, chances are the page will not get read and ultimately, the reader will not click through to the company’s website.

Article Marketing through Internet Marketing Services

Article marketing is a very specialized form of online marketing and is a skill that takes time to develop. Many do not have the time to research keywords, write focused content and code that content with anchor text links back to a targeted page for a successful marketing campaign. This is why finding an professional internet marketing services company is so important. These professionals already have the skills necessary to do keyword research, develop content for the company and post that content in different locations online that will provide the best chances of finding potential readers that could become potential customers.

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