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Internet Marketing Services: A Holistic Approach

Published Mar 30, 2010

The internet has moved from something to check out for fun to an entire industry and sub-culture. It is no longer enough to have a website for a business. Marketing a website and a company’s services requires a holistic approach. That is where the experienced internet marketing services company comes in.

Internet Marketing Services and SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a multi-tiered process that will help have a site appear high in search results. Most people now go to a search engine (like Google, Yahoo or Bing) when attempting to locate information. If a site doesn’t return well in search results, chances are it will be more difficult to have that site found by an appropriate audience.

There are a number of factors that go into SEO, with possibly the most important part of the process is keyword research. Keyword research is an important step of the optimization process and will help identify the right terms to focus on when moving to the next step; writing optimized content.

Developing website content is very different from “print-based ” content. There is a small window of opportunity to draw the searcher in, so having the right keywords within the page’s copy is essential. Most people don’t “read ” when looking at online content; they skim. This is why making sure the correct keywords are easily seen will help keep a site visitor looking at pages, improving site stickiness and, hopefully, converting the reader into a customer.

Next, it is important to develop headlines and sub-heads. When writing this information, just like the content, it is important to include the targeted keywords. It is also important to use the correct HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) codes to make sure the right information is identified by both the reader and the search engine.

The Spider and Site Crawling

Another very important part of¬† internet marketing services that include SEO is making sure a site can be found by a spider. A spider crawls through a site and indexes all its pages so search engines are aware of their existence. There are instances where spiders can fall into a “spider trap, ” and never get to every page on the site. This is why having a company that specializes in¬† internet marketing services plan, program and develop a site that will follow all the ethical processes and avoid all the potential design and coding pitfalls that can occur.

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