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How Google Instant will affect your SEO Strategy – Advice from the Internet Marketing Services Company, CMDS

Published Sep 9, 2010

Google has revealed a unique, new way to improve their search results with the feature “Google Instant ” . As of September 8, 2010, once someone begins to types a search query in Google, the search results automatically appear on the site, which change as you continue to type. This allows viewers to minimally type what they are looking for, saving the searchers approximately 2-5 seconds per search. For example, simply typing the letter “N ” in the search box, displays search results for Netflix. This strategy from Google has an internal intelligent component, which helps to predict what the searcher is looking for, based upon popular searches conducted in the past. While this is excellent tool for the user to take advantage of, companies now need to modify their internet marketing strategy to ensure that they will, not only maintain their relevance, but also so preserve their placement in Google search results.

Due to the instantaneous results provided to the user by Google Instant, it is even more important for a company to update their internet marketing plan so potential and current customers can locate a business as quickly as possible. The minimal typing by the user means the company must have an even more concise and relevant keyword strategy to ensure excellent placement on the Google Search Results page.

To ensure a company’s web presence on Google Search results, a company would be wise to seek the help of a professional internet marketing services company, such as CMDS to increase their ranking in the search engines. Chris Mulvaney, president of internet marketing service company CMDS says “While long tail key phrases are still very important to focus on, your main related keywords/phrases become even more important to concentrate on. Since those results will display more quickly, it’s imperative to be optimized for them and variations.” Years of industry experience and proven results with SEO place CMDS ahead of its competitors.

Since 2002, CMDS has adapted to the rapidly changing internet marketing field. CMDS remains not only current, but also aware of future industry trends and news. CMDS remains ahead of competitors due to knowledge and adaptability. So, as of September 8, 2010 CMDS is implementing new tactics for clients to maintain their excellent search engine placement on Google even with the addition of “Google Instant ” . At CMDS, the company does not only adapt to changes implemented by the largest search engine, Google, but also adapts to any other internet marketing trends and mediums, such as blogging and new social networking sites that may arise. At internet marketing services company CMDS, we are always looking ahead and identifying new trends in the internet marketing industry. This ensures future growth and success not only for CMDS but for our clients as well.

CMDS is an award-winning internet marketing services agency, web design company and SEO company dedicated to generating leads for businesses. Services include website design, online advertising, marketing services and search engine optimization. To learn more, visit or call (732) 706-5555

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