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Guest Blogging through Internet Marketing Services

Published Apr 15, 2010

Content is an important part of any internet marketing services strategy. It accomplishes several needs; it shows a company’s knowledge on a particular subject, when specific keywords are used, it lets the search engine spiders identify the subject of the content and it can provide helpful information to potential customers. However, that is content for a company’s individual website. There is another opportunity available by providing “guest blogging ” on other sites.

Ask Your Internet Marketing Services Company: What is Guest Blogging?

Guest blogging is the opportunity to provide articles and blog entries on other sites. Initially, this may seem like an odd plan. Why provide free content to other sites? However, upon further review this is a great opportunity to reach a potentially new audience.

Many bloggers offer the opportunity to provide entries about a specific subject on their blog. By writing an entry for another blogger, the company’s content is seen in a new light by new potential customers. Possibly, and more importantly, it provides the opportunity to create inbound anchor text links back to a company’s website. Make sure when creating those inbound links that the anchor text is thematic and goes to the specific target page for that subject. Also, make sure the focused keywords are in the anchor text of the inbound link, the content on the site’s page and the META data behind the webpage.

Finding Internet Marketing Services Opportunities

Once the strategy for guest blogging is set, many wonder how to find these potential opportunities. One place to start is LinkedIn. This is a professional social networking site with many professional groups covering a wide variety of subjects. Join some of those groups and see if there are any opportunities from those groups. It is also worthwhile to reach out to different professional organizations and non profits. Many have blogs and are often looking for well-written blog entries.

Assistance from Internet Marketing Services Companies

This entire process can seem daunting to a company who does not have the experience in putting their knowledge into words and finding those guest blogging opportunities. Getting assistance from an internet marketing services company can be key in both finding “the right words ” to express the knowledge of the company, as well as finding the right sites to showcase that content.

This shouldn’t be something decided in haste. Partner with an internet marketing services company early in the web marketing process. This will ensure a holistic plan is developed and followed in the future.

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