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Developing Quality Links with Internet Marketing Services Support

Published Apr 9, 2010

Many internet savvy marketers say nothing is more important than developing quality, ethical links to a website. Inbound links can help improve site rankings and authority, which will ultimately help more potential searchers find a site and patron the company, say internet marketing services companies.

Ask Your Internet Marketing Services Company: What is a Quality Link?

When creating links, it is important to determine a link’s quality. There are lots of great sites however, that offer linking opportunities. These linking opportunities should be discussed in the planning phase of a website and be a part of the initial internet marketing services process.

Local Directories: There are many local directories that provide both free and paid listings that offer trusted information to consumers. Sites like Yahoo and Bing both have local listing opportunities. Other great sites include and These sites are all listed by region, including city and state and have both free and optimum paid listings. When creating an account to list an organization, many also offer entries for keywords. If this field is available, it is important to include many of the keywords that were developed during the site’s keyword development phase.

Trade Organizations: Whether a business-to-business site or a hobby site, there is bound to be a trade organization to support that industry. Reach out to those organizations to see if they offer a link or resource directory for their membership and ask if they have a link submission process.

Google Local: As everyone knows who uses the internet, Google is a massive tool and web presence. In additional to local directory listings, make sure the correct information is listed on Google Maps. A company can claim their listing in Google Maps and optimize it for the keywords within the keyword ranking strategy developed earlier in the process. A company can also ensure the address, phone number, contact email and URL are all listed correctly.

Internet Marketing Services for Linking Assistance

Many can find the entire linking process daunting and time consuming. There are many internet marketing services companies that provide quality and experienced assistance in this process, as well as other internet marketing opportunities. Planning these marketing opportunities in the early stage of a company’s web presence will help ensure success.

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