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Customer Conversion through Internet Marketing Services

Published May 6, 2010

The ultimate goal of an online marketing campaign is to convert website visitors to paying customers. This takes place when a holistic online marketing campaign is developed by an internet marketing services company.

Internet Marketing Services Step One: Finding Traffic

The first step is being found on the internet. The internet is an absolutely huge network of information and being found easily is essential. An internet marketing services company can aid in developing SEO (search engine optimization) best practices for website content. By focusing on specific keywords that would be considered common search terms for that specific company, the possibility of being found in an organic search increases.

Another way to find traffic is Pay Per Click (PPC). This is a form of online paid marketing which can aid in driving traffic for more competitive keywords and search terms. It is very important to consult an internet marketing services company when developing a PPC campaign. This can be a very tricky form of marketing and if not developed and watched carefully, a lot of money can be spent in a short amount of time with limited results.

Internet Marketing Services Step Two: The Website

Once someone finds a company’s site and becomes a site visitor, the hope is to convert them into a customer. By making a website that is intuitive to navigate, provides a comprehensive search and multiple customer service contact opportunities, site visitors will be more likely to become customers.

Internet Marketing Services Step Three: The Convert

It is also worth considering offering a “freebee ” to site visitors. Offer a free whitepaper download, e-newsletter or other useful information to the site visitor if they provide information like their email address. This is a great way of developing a relevant email marketing list. This can save the cost of having to purchase an email list and will also guarantee these are “qualified ” leads. They already visited the site once, so chances are high that they will pay attention to an email newsletter or other information sent from the company.

Extra Help: The Internet Marketing Services Company

This may all appear overwhelming from a lay-person’s perspective. This is why it is always important to work with a competent internet marketing services company. This type of company has experienced professionals that can provide professional guidance through the entire project, which will ensure the highest quality and success possible.

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