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Five ways we measure the success of our online marketing campaigns

The success of your marketing effort cannot be determined without data. The web leaves a comprehensive electronic trail, with a rich history of statistics to review and evaluate. Here are five ways CMDS will measure the success of online marketing campaigns:

1. Do a “before and after” traffic comparison

Comparing the number of visitors to your site before and after the implementation of your campaign is the first step in how CMDS evaluates campaign success. Web tracking tools like Google Analytics provide detailed reports that allow CMDS to determine what percentage of your traffic is organic, referral-based, and direct. An increase in organic traffic is one of the most desirable results of an online marketing campaign since users are most likely to visit – and most likely to trust – sites listed at the top of non-paid search engine results.

2. Gauge visitor loyalty by number of repeat visits

Once visitors land on your site, it’s essential to provide them with content that not only satisfies their immediate needs but also compels them to return in the future. CMDS achieves this by incorporating your top keywords and key phrases into relevant web content that is frequently updated and expanded. A successful online marketing campaign can solidify your site as an educational resource for your industry, bringing a steady stream of repeat visits.

3. Analyze P.V.S./P.V.C. (Page Views to Subscriber/Page Views to Conversion) statistics

Web visitors want to find the information they need as quickly and easily as possible. The less they have to search, the more likely they are to complete one of two desired behaviors: supply their contact information via an online form (subscribe) or complete an online purchase (convert). A decrease in your P.V.S. or P.V.C., along with an increase in your subscribers or conversions, is an indicator of a successful online marketing strategy.

4. Determine if the number of subscribers/leads generated via your site has increased

When visitors respond to calls-to-action on your site by subscribing to your newsletter or special offers email, they provide you with valuable marketing data that allows you to contact them regularly about appropriate products and services and to build an ongoing relationship. If you see an increase in subscribers or leads, your campaign is driving qualified traffic to your site.

5. Calculate the number of conversions and their profitability

An increase in the number of visitors that become customers is one of the surest signs of a successful online marketing campaign. The next step in further improving your results is evaluating the cost associated with each conversion and determining your ROI to ensure you are profiting from your efforts. Measure the success of online marketing campaigns and you can continue to fine tune your results!